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Fraal Imperium

The Fraal Imperium has had a long and proud history. Born thousands of years ago before their race spanned the stars, the Fraal Imperium was barely a dream. It is not known how the empire came into being, but it is believed among the Fraal that after a long and terrible war, the Fraal people, now weary and tired of fighting, created the Fraal Imperium to promote peace and prosperity. There are very few recorded disputes within the Imperium, and their external disputes were (supposedly) not caused by their own race. The Fraal have a very high opinion of themselves, and believe their race to be ultimately infalable. That isn't to say they won't admit their mistakes, but they always believe their mistakes will prove to be better for everyone in the long run. They never admit they are wrong, only that 'the outcome has changed, due to this new information.'

The Fraal Imperium is ruled by the combined efforts of the Council of Jinn and the Imperial House. The Great and Minor houses of the Imperium also serve as a powerbase for the more powerful of the forces above them. There is also a single faction which affiliates itself with none of the other powers within the empire. They are infact the only remnants of the noble heritage that was the original Fraal Imperium. They are the Ter'Ko'la, or Mindknights. Trained in the arts of war as well as very well educated, the Mindknights serve to protect the general populace of the Imperium. They can be called upon by anyone to assist in the defense of the Fraal. They are never called upon to go on the offensive.

The Fraal Imperium rules the upper portion of the galaxy, above Terran space and beside the T'sa Cluster, Fraal space is the hub of activity for the races. Even their distant and elusive neighbors, the Skrei come to trade the few product they sell to other races.

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