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Factions Within the Fraal Imperium

Fraal Imperium

The Fraal were a peaceful people before the Fraal-Terran war. The Terrans were no match for the superior Fraal technology and their large amount of resources to draw upon. The Fraal crushed the SSC quickly, and did not persue the war once the threat was gone. They had no desire to utterly destroy the human race, but would not allow any threat to remain. Fraal space is huge, and is considered the main center of civilized species, meeting place of nearly every race in the galaxy, even the elusive Skrei.

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Imperial House

The Imperial House of Kelítah is one of the strongest forces in the Fraal Empire. Ruling the government and controlling their mighty military, the Imperial House is the heart of the Fraal. Situated on the homeworld of Kelítah, they rule their vast empire justly.

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Council of Jinn

This is the law making body among the Fraal. There are six members of the council, each making their home on one of the six major systems surrounding the home system. When meeting to discuss matters each of the council members enters a holographic chamber, and their image is sent in real-time to Kelítah, where it is emitted into a council chamber to be viewed and heard by the other members and any other invited to the meeting.

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Great and Minor Houses

The Great and Minor Houses of the Fraal Imperium are what make up the majority of the Imperium. The Great Houses serve as a type of regulator for the power of the Royal Family. If they feel that the Imperial House does something that endangers or hinders the Fraal Imperium they have the potential to rise up and overthrow the Royal Family. They convene regularly and discuss the issues of the galaxy. They also serve as limited leaders on a day-to-day scale, though their decisions are often reviewed by the Imperial House before they come to pass. The Minor Houses make up the majority of the Imperium. They make up most of the populace, but are so factionalized and make so little income overall that very few ever aspire to become Great Houses themselves. The Minor Houses often will become vassals to a Great House in hopes of gaining power through them.

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