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Council of Jinn

The Council of Jinn is comprised of six members from all corners of the Fraal Imperium. Membership of the Council is determined by completion of a set of rigorous mental and physical tests. The tests has been known to kill most of the Fraal who attempt it. Those few who pass the test will then be admitted into the Council. Each member of the council resides in the largest city on the most populated planet in one of the six systems surrounding the home system. When the Council meets each member steps into a holographic chamber and his image is transmitted in real time to the homeworld and throughout the Imperium. Any Fraal citizen may sit in on the meetings, as the meeting would not be disturbed by their presence.

The Council passes and votes on the laws of the Imperium. The laws may be challenged at a meeting of the Great Houses, and a vote may veto the law. They have the power to decide if it is justified to declare war and whether or not to continue if a war is already in progress. The members of the Council are Sessath, Yer'vok, Cal'shto, Gerin, Weh'teh, and H'ver.

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