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Campaign Information

General Information

The Shadows Of Darkness campaign setting is based around a post war human civilization and the hints of another war to come. I created this campaign setting because I wanted to run a game where tensions are high. Based on the feedback I've gotten so far I think I've done a pretty good job up to this point. I hope I can do more as this campaign grows and develops. Below are the basic ideas behind SoD and how certain aspects of Alternity are handled in SoD. This information in my opinion is essential to keeping up the atmosphere I wanted to create. Please read it carefully.

Space Vehicles and Combat in SoD

The SoD universe uses the space vehicle rules and combat rules in the Warships Supplement available for download in PDF format on the Official Alternity website. SoD is a space opera setting with some of the tension in a techno-triller. The galaxy is a dangerous place, barely even explored by the human race. Even the Fraal have yet to explore it in depth. Dangers lurk at every turn and the only way to survive those dangers is simple, fight with every resource you can muster. That is where starships come into play. Virtually every faction in the galaxy uses starships, and often the heroes in a SoD campaign will need some way to get around. Now you can either have them join some kind of organization or military force that can provide them with transportation when they need it or have one of the players start off as a small transport pilot. Either way travel is a very important part of the SoD campaign. There is little doubt that the heroes wouldn't be able to survive long if they didn't run from space combat constantly, especially early on. There are plenty of supporting cast members who are willing to lay down their lives to deal an extra mortal point of damage, but for heroes that usually isn't an option (at least not unless it is a planned event or a grand, defining battle). The best option for new players and space combat is to start off small. Never send more then a single squadron of fighters to come after young heroes unless they have a pretty heavy escort and they won't be doing most of the fighting. Later on, when the heroes have bigger and better ships, then you can have massive space battles with the wonderfully designed ships in the Ships section <----shameless self promotion.

Cybernetics in SoD

Cybernetics in SoD are not common, but they are available. Only PL 7 cybertech is available, but hard to obtain anywhere but on Mechalus controlled worlds. The Mechalus take installation of cybertech very seriously, even religiously. There are rituals that must be performed before the installation of cybergear, as well as during and after. If someone getting cybergear installed falls victim to cykosis they are considered 'unclean', and 'unworthy of the gift of the machine'. They will be killed immediately as to prevent the 'contamination of the machine'. There is an additional -1 bonus when cybergear is being installed by a trained Mechalus surgeon. There is an additional +2 penalty when cybergear is installed by anyone other then a Mechalus surgeon due to the relative newness of cybertech in human society.

Telepathy in SoD

Telepaths in SoD are very rare, but not unheard of. Psychic abilities are not available to T'sa, Mechalus, Weren, or Sheshayen heroes. Human heroes may not be talents, they may only be full fledged mindwalkers, to simulate the intense mental training they had to go through in order to reach their current level. However, human heroes may only use half of their Will scores to determine the number of psychic points they have. Fraal heroes may be talents or full fledged mindwalkers. They may also become a Mindknight (See new skills). Fraal heroes may use their full Will score to determine their psychic points (not 1.5). Telepaths are viewed with a lot of paranoia when they are around those who don't know them or don't trust them. To reflect this telepaths recieve a +3 penalty when dealing with anyone who knows they are a telepath and isn't one themselves. This is true in any case except of course those that know and trust the telepath, and in the presences of the Fraal or Skrei. The Skrei have a very reaction to telepaths. They tend to treat them with even more contempt then they do normals. It is not know why they do this, perhaps for some religious belief, as it is not known if telepaths exsist within the Skrei race.