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kajira to Dakkon-reserved

She is a beauty rarely found, thick soft tresses of gold pour down her back as she gazes with gentle eyes. She is shy and sweet, devoted and loyal in her service to her Master.

Her Master had disappeared one night upon returning from a journey. Dakkon had seen her at the falls one evening, crying. He moved to her and attempted to console her. Finding she was unowned, and skilled he claimed her as his own. She was overjoyed to be taken in, and soon found herself at home.

That all changed one evening when she was out on an errand. She was attacked and taken away. Lost for almost a full hand Dakkon believed her dead. When she stumbled into the arena one night, he found her with a nasty bruise upon her head. After tending her wounds she felt much more at ease, for she feared he would turn her away. Now that she is feeling much more at home..she is happy to serve her Master once again.

She has taken a liking to her sister kaliana as well, feeling very at ease with her. Secretly she wishes to be just like her in her service to her Master.

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