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Señoritafish's Page of Timewasting


2/20/05 - Man, it's been forever since I touched this page! I finally figured out how to use Photoshop to automate a photo gallery. My first project using this is a gallery of my garden club's Flower Show, which took place in October 2004.

Click Here to go to the Flower Show

7/23/03 - I discovered some banners to the The Rainforest Site, et al that I had on my LiveJournal profile were probably in violation of LJ's TOS. So I made a Links Page, where hopefully it's ok to put them. Click to donate free food, mammogram, help a child, conserve rainforest, or feed the animals for free!

7/16/03 - I had to do a Curriculum Vitae for work recently. I was wondering what I was going to put on it, but it turns out I had more brain droppings in the last few years than I thought!

Whee! Check out my first ever web page from scratch, courtesy of HP Learning Center. They have quite a few free classes if you're a rank beginner like me.

Want to know more about me? Click here.

My Favorite Methods of Wasting Time

Sites I tend to visit regularly.......

Madhouse: Vejita & Bulma for ever!!Planet Namek went away and this one remains one of my favorite DBZ sites
Live Journal- died, and I followed my friends there here
Neil Finn - Musical Genius
Radio Paradise- I switched here when fired all their DJs.

Thanks for checking how I waste time. Waste time yourself by checking back here often - maybe I'll have more! (I'm going to have to learn more web stuff first though.)

Some stuff I hope to put here eventually...

Family stuff - most of you probably don't care, but maybe someone in my family might want to check it out.

Huntington View Garden Club - I'm the secretary so it'd be nice for us to have a web page.

Fannish stuff - Blech, I hear you say. Trek, DBZ, Babylon 5, Hornblower... whatever I may be obsessing about.

Marine Biology Tidbits - maybe a critter o' the week!

(This page only modified so Angelfire won't delete me! It may be completely different next time. Maybe I'll come up with something that isn't exactly a waste....)

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