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Fan Fiction

A story created by an author using the characters and situations of a previously published book.  The author of the fan fiction story designs their version of a related plot and story line and may also include information that has not been included in the published work.



Chapter 1: The Valiant Potter Estate

Chapter 2: Advancing On Oneís Own

Chapter 3: Mastering the Mind

Chapter 4: To Admire From Afar

Chapter 5: Professor Potterís First Lesson

Chapter 6: Pansyís Detention

Chapter 7: The Warning of the Merpeople

Chapter 8: Eyes like a Hawk

Chapter 9: Expect the Unexpected

Chapter 10: The Pied Piper of Hogwarts

Chapter 11: Godricís Hollow

Chapter 12: The Return of the Dark Days

Chapter 13: The Vampire and the Serpent

Chapter 14: Doing What Is Needed

Chapter 15: Mask, Sword and Shield

Chapter 16: A Big Wedding

Chapter 17: The Beginning of the End



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Attention Harry Potter Fans!!

I'm the one they call Janean Watkins and sometimes, Miah.  This is my very first attempt at writing fan fiction and you've arrived at the website for my rendition of Harry Potter Book Six, entitled Harry Potter and the Legend Of Horus. 

In my story, Harry finds the roots of his ancestry which happens to date back to the Ancient Egyptian era.  As usual, Voldermort is attempting to wreak havoc for our beloved hero so Harry, proves that he is not so far removed from his ancestors in magical abilities.  There's even a bit of romance in this journey into fantasy.

I've done something that is very unusual for the endings of the Harry Potter books.  I've ended with a massive cliff-hanger that will leave you salivating for my rendition of Book Seven. 

Personally, I am more excited about the new installment that Jo will be releasing on July sixteenth.  But, my fan fiction is not intended to be anything like what we could expect from the brilliant and ingenious J.K. Rowling. 

So visit often, just relax and enjoy the ride and don't forget when you're done review by clicking the review button below.

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