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The Space Cases Spirit Page

Once upon a time in a school in outer space, there was a class of misfit kids from all around the place. They snuck aboard a mystery ship, which soon slipped through a spacial rip, and now they're stuck on a long strange trip.

"Space Cases" is a science fiction television show for people of all ages which aired on the Nickelodeon network, as well as The Family Channel in Canada. It tells the story of five space misfits who snuck aboard a space ship and now have 7 years, 4 months, and 22 days from home. Wait-- I believe you all know the whole story!! That's why you are here. "Space Cases" has been cancelled over over a year, but our belief in the Space Cases Spirit is not dead!! My name is the Andromeda Princess, and I have created this page to motivate you, from other Space Casers in this SC universe of ours. I know there's nothing here yet, except my motivation to you all, but I hope to get your help too!! If you've always wanted to be on the Internet and still believe in the Space Cases Spirit, please e-mail me with any ideas that you want to contribute to this page. (Fanart, fanfiction, other writing works, character profiles, interviews, ETC!) Remember, the SC Spirit is in you!!

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UPDATED JUNE 16TH!! Greetings Space Casers and anyone who has dropped by from the White Circle. It is I, the Andromeda Princess, and I welcome you to the Space Cases Spirit Page. Well, school is *finally* out and I can update this site as well as my Spiral Galaxy. What's new... I just won a Starcademy Award!! Whoo-hoo!! It's not just for me, but for all the believers in the show. I mean, this sci-fi series has moved us all, more reasons than one, I presume. But still, it's all the creators (Peter David and Bill Mumy), crew (the list goes forever), and of course the cast. You all are awesome-- I love you all!! Now you Space Casers want to submit ANYTHING to show me your Spirit, feel free to e-mail me and I'll get it up as soon as I can. It's all you guys, since we still believe in Space Cases... Remember Radu's line from "Nowhere Man": "We're a team, we need all our members." We are the Team that might have seemed to have lost, but we have won inside our hearts.

My Motivation To This Page
Fanfiction of The Believers
Thoughts of Herb Scannell From The Casers
Art From The Fans, Their Fanart
More Stuff To Prove Our Spirit!!

  • Note: I am no way involved with Nickelodeon, Cinar, Peter David, Bill Mumy, or anything dealing with Space Cases. I am only a fan, so please don't sue. Pics courtesy of the X-fficial Site. Thank you...'so-called copyright' 2000 by the Andromeda Princess.