Who are we?

Just who are those mysterious Ensigns? They've never been on Voyager before now... but here's your chance to learn a little bit of their history!

Ensign Kat-Doec is a Joined Trill inter-galactic hitchhiker, who was beamed aboard Voyager when her previous ride was destroyed. Like Paris, she has a facination with the 1970's and has collected many artifacts from that time period. Seven took her on as her apprentice.
She likes to make trouble with T'eyla Minh (see below) to keep the crew of Voyager on its toes, but keeps up a front as being the captain's pet. She's very useful because she's Joined and therefore has a store of knowledge on a number of subjects, which she uses to her advantage.

Ensign T'eyla Minh, a Bajoran, came to Voyager right at the start of the mission seven years ago (and has been hiding from the cameras!). She was originally serving on the Mekong, a Bajoran transport vessel carrying supplies between Bajor and Deep Space 9. Having realised that this job was VERY boring, she decided to ask for a transfer to a Starfleet assignment.
So, leaving behind her previous crewmen, she embarked upon the Starship Voyager on it's maiden voyage to find the Maquis. As an officer she is technically perfect, punctual and always well-presented, her only misgivings being a serious attitude problem. This leads to her often being in the captain's bad books.