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wild, untamed platypus tour
Welcome to the Wild, Untamed Platypus Tour!

In the following pages you will learn all about the wild and untamed platypus:

• his biology,
• if he dreams,
• what he eats,
• where he lives,
• and oodles of other arcane platypi data.

You will come away from this tour with wide, open eyes,
and you will say, "Wow. I didn't know the platypus could be so cool." Enjoy!

on with the tour >>

fur and appearance    1
shape and measurements    2
the bill    3
diving for food    4
voracious appetites    5
digestive tract    6
venomous spurs    7
the female's nursery burrow    8
eggs and incubation    9
digging burrows & sleeping in them  10
monotreme relatives  11
only found in Australia  12
typical habitat  13
captivity  14
body temperature  15
the tail  16
the feet: swimming  17
the feet: on land  18
travelling  19
much remains to be discovered  20
how you can help the platypus  21
caring for an injured platypus  22
an actual real-time tour  23
conclusion: informational links  24

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