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Cadet Application
Note: We are noticing some problems with AOL based emails, so if you are using AOL plese just fill in the top table in a regular email, and we'll go another route to get a bio.
Player Information (All areas filled in please!)
Player Name:
Player Age:
Other RPG experience (optional): *if you are a member of another fleet, please list which ship/fleet, and your character's name.*
Desired Ship(s) - top 3 please
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:
Desired Department(s) - top 3 please
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:
Would you rather be posted on Ship or Department of your choice?

Additional Information
Is there anywhere you would not like to be placed?
Is there anything we should know before placing you in an RPG?
Where did you hear about Argus Fleet?

Character Information (Optional - more details can be added later)
Character Name:
Gender: Male Female  Other
Age (Terran Standard Years):
Date of Birth (Sim year is 2378):
Place of Birth:
Height: (Specify if in CM or FT/IN)
Weight: (Specify if in KG or LB)
Stengths / Weaknesses (best to list equally - if you put a strength, then also list a weakness).
Likes, Dislikes and Quirks (Ex: animals, foods, colors, etc..)
Skills and Abilities
Interests or Hobbies
Educational Background
Pre-academy schools attended (including college/university cources)
Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academic Major:
Academic Minor:
Other Academic Activities:
Background Summary: (Family, events, etc...)
Medical Profile/Personality (Medical, Psych, etc...)
Miscellaneous Info. *anything else.

Note: Page will NOT change after you hit "Submit". Someone should reply shortly after sending your application to Argus Fleet Command.

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