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SPIE Chapter News
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Please send Name; Address; Contact; Email; Biography to T.W.Ng, SPIE Singapore Chapter Publications and Conference Chairman

 From the OE Magazine


New Committee of Singapore Chapter of SPIE
Activities/Suggestions for coming year
1. ISPA 2001, ETOP 2001, APOC 2001
2.SPIE Grants - to disseminate information to all.
Suggestion ask for project proposals and vet it for next year's submission
3. Some members not fully aware of all SPIE can offer including forums etc. A resoure page to be set-up by the Publications Chair
4. Education and Training- How can the chapter help the HQ in light of current local needs
5. Student Chapter
6. Suggestion that Key committee members such as Chair and Secretary have SPIE name cards to promote SPIE and Chapter at meetings, exhibtions and the like which they attend

Anand Asundi, Chairman SPIE Singapore Chapter.