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 Optics in Singapore

  • EDB's talent attraction programme
  • SPIE Chapter News
  • Photonics Association News
  • NTU Astronomical Society has ASTRO WEEK 2001
  • SmartSense - a new generation of Optics/Photonics start-up
  • LCD Plant in Singapore by Japanese Giants (ST Times 23 Feb 2001)
  • Olympus inaugurates new Optical Technologies, Singapore
  •  Articles/talks of interest

  • Gabor filter demodulation for defect detection - Wang Jun
  • TDI Imaging - M.R. Sajan
  • Approaching biomimetics in dentistry via photonics - Anil Kishen
  • Digital Imaging Colorimeter for Fast Measurement of Chromaticity Coordinates and Luminance Uniformity of Displays
  • New book on Electro-Active Polymers
  • TechOnLine Webcast Schedule -"Fiber Optic Transmitter Design using Xicor XDCP (Digitally Controlled Potentiometer) ICs" hosted by Xicor 03/15/01 at 1pm EST
  •  Conferences

    Call for papers

  • Opto-Mechatronic System Call Deadline 18th March 2001
  • ISPA 2001-Photonic Sensors Call Deadline 16th April 2001
  • ETOP 2001 - Call Deadline 16th April 2001
  •  Products / BIZ News

  • Novel wavefront sensors from Imagine Optics
  • Full body scan
    New annual check up scheme
  • Digital Laser Optic Sensor from Keyence
  • White LEDs in business
  • Future of Photonics bright despite economic downturn say OIDA, Agilent and Nortel
  • Technologic Partners names 10 optical companies to watch