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SPIE Chapter News

Chapter News

From the OE Magazine

  • Diffracting Light - tutorial
    Diffractive optics can simulate the effects of many conventional optics while offering powerful optical performance in a lightweight, compact component.
  • Little machines make it BIG
    Micromachines make their way into optical switches, multiplexers, and crossconnects to enhance data flow over optical networks.
  • Next month special focus: photonics in science


  • SPIE Resource Page

  • SPIE to Launch New Journal
    SPIE announces the launch of a new journal, the Journal of Microlithography, Microfabrication, and Microsystems in March 2002.
  • The 2001-2002 SPIE Continuing Education Catalog is Here
    Chock-full of the newest short course options, this year's catalog is better than ever. To request your free catalog, e-mail SPIE Web Education Services
  • Student and Teacher Optics Workshops in San Diego
    SPIE offers introductory workshops to interest young people in the exciting field of optics, and to provide resources to teachers wanting to include optics in their curricula.