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SPIE Chapter News

Chapter News

From the OE Magazine

  • Underground Detections
    Photonics technology increases precision and sensitivity of liquid-scintillator neutrino detectors.
  • Tutorial: Facts About Fiber
    Optical fiber provides the underlying skeleton of a network, defining what it can and can't do.
  • Students graduate from fiber-optics training program for underemployed women
  • In JULY 2001 issue
    Automated Inspection

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  • SPIE Announcements
    - Guenther receives New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award
    - E. Herbert Li dies at 44
    - Myron Wolbarsht receives award from LIA
    - Chiou elected Dean of Science and Engineering at NDHU
    - Kulinowski named 2002 Congressional Fellow.
  • SPIE to Launch New Journal
    SPIE announces the launch of a new journal, the Journal of Microlithography, Microfabrication, and Microsystems in March 2002.
  • New optics short course options from SPIE Distance Education
  • **Basic Optomechanical Engineering** presented by Paul Yoder, Jr. now on CD-ROM and online
  • This short course covers basic optomechanical issues in optical instruments
    and systems design. Increase your understanding of optomechanical engineering 
    principles and techniques for optics mounting configurations.
    This course describes optical lithography from the physics of image formation 
    to the proper actions to take to improve the resist image and the final product yield.
  • Book of the Month:
    Principles of Lithography by Harry J. Levinson
    This book is a comprehensive introduction for novice lithographers
    and a valuable reference for professionals. The author, a world
    leader in lithography, draws on nearly two decades of experience.
  • Boosting Your Professional Profile: Tools and Techniques for Advancing Your Career
    Wednesday, 1 August, 1:30 pm to 5 pm
    Part of SPIE's 46th Annual Meeting San Diego, California
  • This session will provide participants with the tools and techniques 
    to tactfully build a strong industry reputation without crossing the 
    line into self-centered gloating, thus ensuring future career success.