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PhotOptics Scatterings
An Optics/Photonics E-Magazine
Vol. 8 July 2001
Editor: Anand Asundi

Optics in Singapore
Articles of Interest
Conferences and Events
Business\Product News

Optics in Singapore

SPIE Chapter News
Photonics Associaition News
Dental caries activity determination using fiber-optic spectroscopy
Optics projects garner two of six awards at the NSTB -Polytechnic Project Presentation

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Articles/Books of Interest

Laser lights up the spectrum
Optical models enhance microscopy and biosensing
Visual Inspection on the Internet
Quantum optics with particles of light
Improving laser diode/fiber optic coupling efficiency
Genetically modified algae no longer need light to thrive.
Laser sensing measures plant vigor
Brain tells eye what to see
New and Original Holography
Smelling trouble at sea with Luminescent Sensor


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Conferences and Events

Photonics in Display Technologies
Sept. 11-12, 2001 Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore
4th Optics/Photonics Forum
Marina Mandarin Hotel July 25th 2001
ICEM- 2001
Oct. 15-17, 2001 Beijing China
APOC 2001
Beijing Nov. 16-19, 2001
ISPA 2001
Nov. 26-29, 2001 Shangrila Hotel, Singapore
ETOP 2001
Nov. 26-29, 2001 Shangrila Hotel, Singapore


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Business / Product News

Nortel to lay off another 10,000
Devices and Instruments Technical Association (DITA)
Laser markets will recover from economic slump
Laser 2001 takes-off
Fiber optics detects drunk drivers
Blue lasers gear up for growth
Fluid optics illuminate automotive design
DWDM subsystems market to reach $3.7 billion by 2005

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