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Optics in Singapore

  • Growing up with Optics/Photonics in Singapore - Activities in Schools and Polytechnics
    Optics/Photonics is being recognized as a core competency in the new generation. The formation of the Photonics Association (Singapore) and the Singapore Centre for Optics and Photonics Excellence (SCOPE) (see OER Oct and Nov. 2000) shows the industrial and government commitment to this field. SCOPE ( provides at a glance the research groups and activities in Optics/Photonics in Singapore. In addition, the polytechnics and high schools have embarked into this area through specialized programmes and centres. Details in Optical Engineering Magazine (
  • International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM 2000) atttracts over 100 participants
    Keynotes Lectures on Random Particles and Fractal Dimension by F.P.Chiang; 3-D Shape, Surface and Material Analysis by Hans Tiziani and Holography, Speckle and Computers by I. Yamaguchi. Optical techniques in experimental mechanics are progressing from an all optical system to an opto-digital system bucking the trend of optical networks
  • Fourth University in Singapore - Scope for a non-traditional departmental structured University - Grad School for Poly students

    Research Papers

  • New Rapid Publication Feature in Optical Engineering
  • Fast method for testing the sweetness of fruit Another application for Fiber Optic Raman System
  • Micro-Opto-Mechanical Grating Switches in Sensors and Actuators, Vol. 86 (1-2), pp. 127-134, 2000


  • ASV6 (The Sixth Asian Symposium on Visualization) , May 28-31, 2001 Pusan, Korea, Contact: Prof. Tae-Hyun Chang
  • ICOSN '01 (Optical Sensing and Nanotechnology), 6-8 June, 2001, Yokohama, Japan, Contact: SPIE
  • Microsystems Engineering: Metrology and Inspection II, 18-22 June 2001, Munich, Germany. Contact: SPIE
  • Optical Diagnostics for Fluids, Solids and Combustion, 29 July– 3 August 2001 San Diego, Contact: Carolyn R. Mercer
  • Fringe 01, Automatic Processing of Fringe Patterns, 17-19 September, 2001, Bremen, Germany, Contact: Anand Asundi (
  • Opto-Mechatronic Systems , October 28-31 2001, Boston, Contact: Anand Asundi (
  • Advanced Sensors and Applications (ISPA 2001), Singapore, Nov. 26-Dec. 1, Contact: Anand Asundi (

    BIZ News

  • Agere Systems (pronounced a-GEAR)- a Lucent microelectronics spin-off
  • Court rules "laser pointers are safe"
  • Squeezing light out of silicon
  • Lockheed-Martin subsidiary spins out optical communication technology company
  • Optical Networking Software Market To Reach $7.6B By 2004 - Managing The All Optical Network
  • CSF-Thomson makes bid for Avimo