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The Mistakes In Ocean Girl

No show is perfect, and of course OG also has itīs flaws. Here are the ones Iīve found so far.

  • The Lapis People are afraid that Earth might be shot out of itīs orbit if something happen to the oceans, and then collide with the Lapis Planet. On the computer simulation you see of it, the Lapis Planet is positioned in the other end of the galaxy. Even if Earth moved at light speed, it would still take it several hundred years to cover that distance. And the Lapis People must also have some pretty sophisticated computers, if they can calculate the trajectory an object will have moving through the galaxy.


  • When UBRI shows up at Neriīs island looking for her, they are unable to find out it is inhabited. This should be pretty obvious since there must be tons of footprints in the sand.


  • There is a time when two UBRI-spies are aboard ORCA. They send messages back to UBRI using a small radio-transmitter. I donīt know which material ORCA is made of, but I presume itīs a form of metal. If this is so, the whole station should work as a so-called Faradays Cage. In such a cage it is impossible for EM-waves to penetrate, and radio communication should therefore be impossible.


  • Then there is of course the obvious ones. If Neri has lived alone on an island for 10 years, why does she wear clothes? It is warm enough for her, and clothing is impractical in basically everything she does. And it doesnīt seem she is really shy about her body. But some ppl just think seeing a girl run around naked, will make you turn into stone, so they gave her clothing on.


  • Also the fact that the Lapis People resembles humans so much is extremely unlikely. They are from a whole other planet, and it would be very strange if two different animals, from two different planets would look so much like each other. If we look at the planets, they donīt even look alike.


  • In episode 42, there is a continuity error. When Benny is trapped on Level Gamma, and it slowly becomes radioactive, there seem to be someting wrong with the timer. HELEN show that there is only 2 minutes before lethal dose is reached, when there is a cut to Benny. Then back at HELEN, she shows there is 5 minutes left. And not long after, HELENīs count is down to 20 seconds. The order of the clips seem to be #2 #1 #3, instead of the #1 #2 #3. Besides even though it didnīt reach lethal dosis, shouldnīt Benny afterwards at least get sick?


  • When Jason and Neri first meet, she tells him the story about how she fell off a cliff and was rescued by Jali. After this she was able to talk to him. But when they find the hologram of her father, he tells her the story as if she didnīt know it.


  • In season 2 Neri and Jason goes into the spaceship and takes some stuff out of it. Then in season 3 when they find an entrance to the spaceship, they appear as if itīs never happened before.


  • In season 4, there is a time where Neri and the ORCA-kids escape Shersheba and Malakat, through the watergate. Shersheba touches the triangle that is used as a key, but it wonīt work because it wasnīt meant for her, as Malakat says. Later on S&M uses the watergate to travel to the Australian Outback. This time there is suddenly no problem with using the triangle.

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