We have arrived. I can feel my Master, my true Master, waiting for us. I set the ship down, gather the Jedi, and exit the ship.

The air is cold here. No more than a handful of degrees below standard, but enough that it is noticeable. I shiver once before my body naturally adjusts to this change.

My Master is not waiting for me, as I had expected. Instead I see Paterson, a member of the elite group of body guards that serve my Master. He sees me and gives a quick half-bow before delivering his message.

"My Lord is pleased to hear of your success in this mission. He wishes to see you as soon as your captive is dealt with." Paterson turns toward to nearby guards. "Assist Lord Skywalker in bringing this..."

"No." I glare at the two men who step forward to help me, sending them scurrying back to their posts. "Let's get this straight right now. This is no ordinary prisoner, Paterson. No one, and I mean *no one* out side of myself or my Master is to touch this one. Understood?"

Paterson takes a hastily step backwards, as though he is afraid even to breath upon my Obi-Wan. Good.

"He will be staying in my chambers until further notice. You will be sure all the men receive my instructions."

"Yes.. yes my Lord." I don't wait for his reply but hurry out, my way toward my rooms. I have never been here before, yet I have memorized the layout, so no guide is necessary. I arrive soon enough and the guards outside my doors quickly let me in. I lay him on my bed and gently probe his mind. He should remain asleep for a while. I enhance our bond to inform me the second he begins to come around, and leave to go to my Master.


My Master's doors open for me and I step inside to his private chambers. I quickly move over to the chair he is sitting in and kneel, waiting for his acknowledgment. After a short length of time he turns to face me. "You have failed me, my Apprentice."

At his words shivers go down my spine. I dare not reply, but instead bow my face to the floor, hoping that my failure has been out weighed by my success. My Master is a hard man, but not unjust. He does not punish unless there is a reason, however slight.

"Explain yourself."

Oh, this is the part I always hate the most. I walk a very thin line here, disapproval and pain on one side, approval on the other. "The Jedi do not allow Padawans access to the vital systems I needed, and I could not get around their security without revealing my true nature." He nods for me to continue. "Only a Knight or Master has admittance to that which I would need. I knew I could never pass the mind probes involved in the Knighthood trials, so I contacted you."

"Yes, so you did." He seems to be thinking, one hand absently running through the short hair of my Padawan haircut. "So, Kenobi turned out to be more than you could handle?"

Ouch. "No, my Master. I am confident that now I can devote all my time to him, he will turn."

"Oh yes my apprentice?" He face turns up with a half-smile. "And how much time did I require to turn you?"

That's different! I think to myself, carefully shielding. I was only a boy, this is a man. "Very little, my Master." And this is true, he first came to me shortly after I became Obi-Wan's Padawan. Because he was still grieving for his Master, he let many other Masters take part in different aspects of my training, which left me much time to myself. Obi-Wan also never imposed the same strictures that most Masters do on their Padawans. He felt that I had had enough experience as a slave, and deserved some freedom.

My Master showed me then the true power of the dark side, and how foolish the Jedi really are. He also taught me to shield, and no one ever suspected a thing.

"If it pleases my Master, Kenobi is a full Jedi Knight, and has dedicated his soul to the Light, it will not be easy to turn him."

My Master turns again to think, this time I know my fate is in his hands. "You have done well, my Apprentice." I carefully let out the breath I had been holding. "You will still be punished for your failure, but you will also be rewarded for your small success." This is high praise from my Master. I fully expected the punishment, no failure I have ever made has been without consequence. He turns to me and pulls up on my shoulders, silently granting me permission to kneel upright in his presence.

"I think, my Apprentice, that we need a contingency plan. Something to fall back on just in case Kenobi doesn't work. Oh, I believe you can break him, but doing that while leaving him functional enough to carry out our task will be very trying." I nod, silently agreeing with my Master's planing. "While you are working on Kenobi I want you to also form an alternate plan, based on a direct assault on the Jedi temple." Again I nod.

"I will deal with your punishment later. Now go tend to your prisoner, I shall be down to check on your progress later. You are dismissed."

I rise and bow, then leave the room. That went better than I feared, I think as I walk toward my rooms. I reach them shortly and walk over to the bed.

My Obi-Wan has curled up slightly in his sleep, most likely in an unconscious effort to preserve body heat. I sit down beside him, pondering how to awaken him. Pain or pleasure? Both will be needed if my Master is to get what he wants.

I remove his boot that I so recently put on him myself and tie his ankles together tightly. I pull his arms in front of him and bind his wrists in the same manner. Then I run another piece of rope around his wrists and waist, further restricting movement.

For a moment I consider getting a Force-collar, but then reject the idea. I am more than strong enough to handle him. I do, however slide a piece of black cloth over his eyes, firmly knotting it behind his head.

Moving him to one side of the bed I lie down beside him, pulling his back to my chest. With a few nudges of the Force I slowly bring him out of his induced sleep.


I wake up slowly, then freeze as memories come rushing back to me. Anakin. Where is he? I move to get up only to find myself bound hand and foot and blindfolded. I do not struggle, but rather test the ropes holding me, seeing if there is any way to escape. At the same time I reach out cautiously with the Force, gratified to discover I can still touch it. But when I focus it on releasing me, nothing happens. Reaching outward I discover I am not the only person in the room. Anakin is here, holding me.

How did I miss that? I wonder. Moving slightly I feel him against my back, his arms around my waist. "Anakin?" I query.

"Yes, Master?" His voice holds a mocking tone that does not bode well for my immediate future.

"Where are we?" I ask calmly. A simple question, one I don't actually expect an answer to. But the more I talk to him, the more I have a chance of reasoning with him. Part of my mind doubts that this is possible, but smother it quickly. If I am to get out of where ever I am, I must focus on what I can do, not what I can not do.

"Someplace." His tone is lazy, as are the fingers that begin to move up and down my arm. He seems very sure of himself. Perhaps he will grow overconfident....

"No." His voice whispers in my ear.

"No what?" I reply.

"No, I will not become over confident."

No! I begin to struggle unconsciously, my mind screaming to get this intruder out of my thoughts. I can feel his amusement as he holds me easily. Just as I am approaching a state far too near to panic than I care to admit, I feel him retreat.

Letting go of the tension in my mind and body, I collapse back into his arms, breathing heavily. I take a quick look at the rest of my mind, checking to see if he is anywhere else. Nowhere except in our bond, which is now in it's normal, dormant state.

Feeling his fingers make their way down my thigh, I risk asking another question. "Why did you bring me here?"

He hand stops, he seems to be considering. "So that you can help us."

"Help you do what?"

"Destroy the Jedi."

"No." I will never, ever assist him in that.

"Ah, but you will, my little Jedi."

Thinking back I wonder something. Do I want to know the answer? I swallow and ask, "And who is 'we'?"

He laughs before answering. "The Sith."

"Of course." Well, there are two possibilities here. He could be in league with the Sith, that would certainly explain a few things. Or he is lying, and probably not entirely rational. Either way, my heart lifts. I manage to keep a smile off my face, but deep down, I am relieved. I shouldn't be, and I feel guilty about that, but over all I simply feel free for the first time in a long time.

The irony of my situation does not escape me Tied up at the mercy of possible Sith Lords, I feel freer than I did back at the temple. Never let it be said that I live a dull life.

"So," I inquire in a casual tone, "What happens next?"



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