The Mission

I woke up this morning wrapped in his arms. I rose first and slipped out of his bed and went to my own bedroom.

I am bewildered. He didn't take me last night, just pleasured me. Why? And why the vid? That answer at least I can take a good guess at. He wanted a reaction out of me. He got one. It was just such a shock to see my lover and Master, especially under those circumstances. But that is a ploy that will only work once, and he knows it. I dread to think what he will come up with next.

I can hear him moving now, getting up. He wanders into the fresher to take a shower. While he is in there I push last night's events out of my mind and concentrate on today's schedule. I have canceled almost all of Anakin's sparring and other weapons-related classes. In their place I have assigned him extra mediations. I'm sure he notices, but he never makes mention of it.

As I look this over, I move to begin breakfast. Before I reach the kitchen, however, my com goes off.

"Knight Kenobi?" Master Windu's face blinks into existence.

"Good morning, Master." Why is he calling me so early?

"Can you and Padawan Skywalker be ready for a mission by this evening?"

A mission! My heart skips a beat. We haven't been sent out on a mission in months. My first instinct was to be grateful, we would be out of the temple. But could I handle Anakin on a mission? Would it jeopardize the outcome? I realize belatedly that Master Windu is expecting a response. "Of course we can, thank-you Master."

"Good, I'll send you the details shortly. Good luck Knight Kenobi." His face disappears, leaving me staring at a blank screen. Without turning I know that Anakin has come up behind me.


I enter the room just in time to hear Obi-Wan accept a mission. No! It's too soon, the Council wasn't suppose to send us anywhere until tomorrow at the very earliest. "We are going on a mission, Master?"

"Yes Anakin." He turns around to look at me. "We are to be ready to go by evening. Please pack our things while I read over the mission details."

I nod and turn back to my room.

"Wait, Anakin." I turn and look back at him. "Before we leave, I need your promise that you will do nothing to endanger the mission."

I know what he means. That our agreement might have to be suspended for the duration of the mission. Since I have no intention of letting us anywhere near wherever it is we are being sent, I have no problem with agreeing to this. "Of course, Master."

"Thank-you Padawan." He looks relieved, as though he expected more of a fight. I leave the room hurriedly, giving the impression that I must scurry to pack.

In reality, I need to send a message. I sit down at the terminal in my room and quickly key in the words, 'We are leaving tonight, please advise.' With that done I move to pack my own things, then move into the other room to pack Obi-Wan's. As I pack he reads me the specifics of our mission. I bareley pay an attention. It is a simple mission, a treaty is up for renewal and is in dispute. The Senate would like for things to remain as they are, so they decided to send two Jedi. Us. Too bad we'll never make it there, I think very quietly, allowing myself a small, secret smile.

By lunch time we are all packed and ready to go. After I've eaten I go to my 3rd degree Kata class, one of the only formal classes left on my schedule. By the time we are getting ready to go, I am shaking inside. What am I suppose to do? I have to go with him, but if I can't snatch him on this trip, I don't know when the next opportunity will come.

"Are you all right Padawan?" his voice is soft. If I hadn't know better I would say that he is genuinely concerned for me.

"Everything is fine, Master." I reassure him, just as my com beeps. I glance at my watch, "Just a moment Master." He nods and I quickly duck into my room. The message on the screen is short. 'Proceed as planed.' Good, he must have been able to get everything in place. I leave my room and join my patiently waiting Obi-Wan. Together we leave and head for the docking bay. As we enter the ship I wonder if we shall ever see the temple again.


It is late before Obi-Wan retires. He is determined to do everything in his power to make this mission a success. Before he leaves the room he pauses, as though he would say something. But he doesn't. He merely looks at me and leaves.

I wait until he falls into a deep but troubled sleep. When he has, I mask my presence the best I can and sneak into his room. As I draw closer I can see that he has been restless, the sheet is almost off the bed. I take a moment just to look at him, marveling yet again at how much like a youth he looks while asleep. Sometimes I wonder if he has aged at all since he took me as his Padawan. Projecting for all I'm worth I move his arms to his sides and straddle him, my knees resting lightly on his wrists.

Once I am in position I brush my hands over his forehead and begin to inject an incredibly strong sleep command deep within his brain. Unfortunately, just as I am breaching what shields he has up while sleeping he becomes aware of someone intruding in his mind. His eyes snap open and as soon as he sees me he tries to throw me off. I hold him down tightly, trapping his wrists beneath me. I grasp his head with my hands and shove the command in as hard as I can, throwing finesse to the winds.

Gradually he ceases his struggling, and a moment or so later he is in an almost coma like sleep. He will not be able to awaken without my assistance.

I check my watch before picking him up, good, right on schedule. I carry him though the halls, making my way towards the docking bay. The shuttle is right where it should be and I hurry onboard. I deposit my bundle on the floor of the cockpit and run a pre-flight check.

It isn't long before the signal comes though, and I leave the ship. I know that seconds after we enter hyperspace the warship currently bearing down on the transport will destory it.

It will be a few hours before we rendezvous. I pick Obi-Wan up and carry him to the back of the shuttle. I strip off his Jedi clothes and lie him on a bench while I retrieve the other clothes that should be in here. They are right where they are suppose to be. I change into the the black clothes myself, then dress Obi-Wan. It would have been easier to wake him and get him to dress himself, but I don't feel like dealing with a conscious Knight right now.

As I dress him I find myself runing my hands over his skin, noting every scar, every cut, every bruise. The busises mark him as mine, but the scars mark him as Jedi. Once we are there, I promise myself, I will rewrite his body so that it is all mine. He will still have scars that mark him as Jedi, for he was Jedi. But he will have more that mark him as mine. He will belong to me, and to the dark.


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