I love my Master. I have for more years than anyone would guess. It is not a hard thing to hide, most of the time. My first lessons were on how to perfect my shielding. Even the council doesn't know, the fools.

I call him my Master, but he and I know the truth. He is my teacher, yes. My mentor, occasionally. My friend, once in a while. The object of my lust, always. But never my Master.

Tonight, when he comes home, I shall have a surprise for him. I have a friend. A very understanding friend who has got me what I needed so that I may have my Obi-Wan. It is a small thing, a disk which I play with idly. The first time I saw what was on it I was shocked.

On this small tape is hours of security footage. All of it showing my Obi-Wan making love to *his* Master. Everything he told me, lies. It is against the code for a Master to have that kind of relationship with his or her Padawan. I know this, I have read it over and over, searching for a loophole. There is none. The punishment for any Master that dares to defy it is severe and merciless. The Padawan, after a mental examination, is either send to Agricorps or given a new Master. And the Master is placed on the list of dishonored Jedi for eternity.

Ironically, it is this last that has given me hope. Twirling the disk in my hand, I wonder just what my Obi-Wan would do for the reputation of his dead lover.


It has been a tiring day. Yet I am reluctant to return to my quarters. To Anakin. To the man who is my Padawan in name only. Still, after all these years, I believe what Qui-Gon believed. That Anakin is the Chosen One. He is so powerful, and I have no hope of containing that power. Only guiding it. And even in at I believe I shall fail. But still I teach him, hoping that someday my teaching will become the foundation upon which another can help him.

Despite my dawdling, I have arrived at out quarters. I stare at the door as if it holds my destiny. With another in a long line of sighs I have sighed over the past years, I enter.

As I enter I can smell something. Anakin is making dinner. As always the faithful Padawan. I do not know what he hopes to gain from this charade, but I play my part willingly. I promised Qui-Gon I would train this boy, and so I will.

"Good evening, Padawan."

"Good evening, Master." Anakin flashes me a quick smile and then returns to his attention to his cooking. "How went the meetings today?"

"Same as usual. Political, dry, and incredibly boring."

"Why Master!" Anakin face is the picture of faked shock, "Budget meeting are very necessary for the Jedi. How can you speak thusly of out esteemed Senior Masters?"

I give him a half-hearted glare and make a smacking motion in his direction. "I can speak thusly because said 'Senior Masters' are incredibly boring, dry, tedious, dull, wearisome, annoying, tiresome..."

"Okay, okay!" Anakin's face dissolves into laughter. Even though I detest nearly all the circumstances that surround Anakin, I never transferred that to Anakin himself. I sometimes felt sorry for him, there seems no way for him to control his own destiny. Yet for all his trials, I can always see in him the sweet, caring child that he has been, and the thoughtful, tender and affectionate man he has become.

"What's for dinner?" I ask sniffing curiously at the pot he is stirring. Not that I really cared that much. Anakin is a good cook, and even if he were not, I would still eat anything he choose to make.

"Oh, something I picked up on out last mission."

I nod vaguely and wander back into the sitting room to wait. Dinner will be ready soon, and I might as well catch up on my mail.


The minute he walks in the door I can tell he has had a bad day. He isn't tired really, more weary from dealing with too many mundane activities. I feel a short surge of guilt over that. It is my fault that he is on the budget committee. The council said it was simply his turn, but in the normal course of things an experienced and highly successful man such as he would never have to do that. The council wants to keep an eye on my training. I am aware that we had not been sent on nearly as many missions as most Master/Padawan pairs. But it just seems to cruel to me to confine Obi-Wan to the temple when he is used to a much more active life.

He comes into the kitchen after hanging up his robe. A glance confirmes what I had felt through our bond. I wonder if this would help or hinder my plan. It doesn't really matter, I am determined to proceed with it tonight.

We exchange the usual greetings, then he retires to the living room. I quickly finish making the meal. The soup is done, I just have to cut the bread. It is simple fare, the type that most Jedi prefer. Not out of any desire to live simply, but just as a rest from the elaborate food we are 'treated' to in our roles as ambassadors and negotiators.

Checking surreptitiously through the bond to make sure he is still in the sitting room, I dump a carefully measured portion of the drug I had acquired the other day into his bowl. It isn't anything overly strong. Too powerful, and he would notice and purge it. If the dealer was correct, it should make it harder for a person to reason, as well as being a slight aphrodisiac. Just a little insurance to assure my success.

I put our plates on a tray, grab a bottle of something non-alcoholic, and go into the other room. "Dinner Master."

"Thank-you Anakin." He takes his, and I sit down next to him on the couch. We eat in silence. During the meal I monitor him closely, watching for the slightest change. It isn't much, but I can tell when the drug starts to kick in. If he had been actively thinking of something, he might have noticed, but as it is, he remains oblivious.

Soon we are done and I rise to clear the dishes. "Thank-you Padawan," he murmures softly. After I clear and wash the dishes, it is time to begin in earnest.

I walk back out into the common room, and find him still sitting in the same place, staring off into space. He can probably feel that something isn't quite right, but it is not enough to alarm him. I sit down on the couch next to him, just a bit closer than I normally would. He looks up at me, but doesn't comment.

There's just one more thing I have to do. Carefully, subtly, I use all my training to erect a Force shield around our quarters. It is strong enough to insure that nothing will get in or out. I could probably torture someone to death in here without anyone being the wiser. But that isn't what I am planning.

I had thought about this a lot, and come to the conclusion that being direct was best. I have the disk now, and that would assure his cooperation later. I hope.

"Obi-Wan." I whisper, and he looks up. I run my hand along his cheek, then around to his neck. Slowly I tug him toward me. As I pull, I can see the confusion in his eyes. I keep my eyes open as I bring our lips together. I know eventually he'll figure out where this is going. Just as I begin to run my tongue along his lips, he pulls back.

"Anakin! What are you doing?" He looks shocked and still a bit confused. He probably feels the drugs affect, but can not pinpoint it.

"Kissing you." I answer very calmly, reaching for him again. He makes as if to get up from the couch, but I grab his wrist, forcing him to remain.

"Anakin, listen... we can't... the Code..." As he speaks his eyes get a far away look, as though he is remembering something. Probably having this same conversation with his Master, I think bitterly.

"Yes we can." He has started to tremble by now, whether from the force of the memories or the drug I don't know. "I erected a Force shield," I stand up, still holding his wrist, "No one will ever know." With one swift motion I slip one arm under his knees and my other around his back and stand up. I whisper again in his ear, "No one."

I walk briskly toward my bedroom, carrying my precious burden. I had thought about doing this in his room, but finally decided on in here. Due to my height, I have a much larger bed then normal, so we can both fit without a problem.

I place him on the bed, then step back to look at him. He looks so young there, as if he's not that much older than I. He looks up at me, pleading with his eyes, but he dosn't say anything or try to move.

Carefully, as though he were a skittish animal, I sit down on the edge of the bed. He has already taken off his utility belt before dinner, as well as his boots. My Obi-Wan likes to be barefoot whenever possible, and right now this is to my advantage. I undo his sash and open his tunics, running my hand along the flesh I find there. He looks as though he is about to bolt, so I stop for a second. Stepping back, I quickly remove my own boots, belt, sash, and tunics.

I roll him unresisting onto his back, then lie on top of him, covering him with my body. As I begin to remove his tunics, he speaks again. "Why, Anakin?"

"Because I want to." I finish removing his tunics and start on his pants. I shift my weight off of him and urge his hips up. I take them completely off then I am kneeling over him, examining my prize. My Obi-Wan is gorgeous. His skin is pale from hiding under those robes so much. My eyes follow a path downward, past the nipples and light brushing of chest hair, right down to his already hardening cock. He glances down his body with me, surprised at his arousal. Something clickes in his mind despite the drug and he looks up at me with something akin to horror. "What did you give me?"

"Nothing much." I assure him, as my hands follow the same path my eyes had. But now Obi-Wan has realized what was going on.

"Let me go," he says as he begins to pull away.

"No." I hold on tighter. I don't want our first time to be forced, but I am determined to have him, one way or another.

Now he is struggling in earnest, his mind at last fully comprehending what is going on. But although he is older, I have been stronger for several years now. I manage to flip him over onto his stomach and cover him, holding his wrists above our heads, hooking my legs under his, forcing them apart. Even under these conditions, I can't help but enjoy feeling his naked body move under mine.

Eventually he ceases his furtive struggle. "Please, Anakin, don't do this..."

Ignoring him I bring his wrists up to the cuffs I have prepared on the bedposts. Now I have my hands free to finally remove my leggings and release my aching member. It is so tempting just to plunge into the body underneath me just right now, but I manage to resist. Just.

Instead I begin to kiss around his neck as my thumb finds his opening. Using my other hand to twist his head around I kiss him deeply, swallowing the noise he makes as I shove my thumb in with one movement. When I release his mouth he lets out a groan, his head falling back onto the pillow. I grab the bottle of oil on the bedside table and pour some into the small of his back.

I withdraw my thumb, causing another groan. Coating my fingers with the oil I slip two back in, twisting as I go. Obi-Wan is making an almost constant low moan at this point, though whether from pleasure, pain, or despair it isn't evident.

I can't wait any longer. I quickly coat myself with the rest of the oil and thrust inside. Obi-Wan makes a sound that isn't quite a scream, almost a strangled sob. Once more he renews his struggle, this time combining it with mental yells that should have been able to be heard all the way in the council chamber. They come echoing back lightly, bouncing off the secure shield that is in place. Slowly I press down hard, until I am completely encased in his body.

I pause for a moment, then slowly begin to slid in and out, thrusting faster and faster. I reach around with my still oil-covered hand and begin to pump his erection in time to my thrusts. Eventually he makes a soft sound of denial, then jerks back, coming into my hand. One, two more thrusts and I am coming deep within him, his name on my lips.

We both collapse onto the bed, breathing hard. After a few minuets I release his wrists and spoon up behind him. I touch him through our bond, sensing his emotions. Confusion, betrayal, some embarrassment, a touch of anger, but most of all the confusion. I kiss his forehead lightly. "Sleep." And hold him as he sinks unresisting into a deep slumber. All that can be dealt with on the morrow. For now, I double check the Force shield, and add another, ensuring should he wake first, he will not be able to leave our quarters nor contact anyone.

Holding him tightly spooned up against me, breathing his scent, I drift off to sleep. And dream.


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