Planescape, Planescape Monstrous Compendium, and The Planewalker’s Handbook
A campaign of adventuring in other planes of existence.

Product Number: 2600, 2602, and 2620
Year Published: 1994, 1994, and 1996

Converted from 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition D&D
by Bjørn Arnesen,
Other Credits: Micheal Sears - favored class, Mike Hopkins - tiefling ability table changes.
Last Updated: 19 August, 2000

Summary of Conversion: A conversion of the tiefling race. Stat requirements have been dropped, and stat adjustments have been doubled. Added 3E race specifics to race description (Personality, Physical Description, Relations, Alignment, Racial Lands, Language, Names, and Adventurers). Tiefling tables have been duplicated, with some changes. Names of spells have been changed from their AD&D 2nd Edition names to their D&D 3E names. References to infravision have been changed to Dark-Vision, saving throw group bonuses have been changed: Petrification/Polymorph and Paralysis to Fortitutde, Rod/Staff/Wand to Reflex, and Spell to Will. A result of the special side effects table has been adjusted for the 3E AC convention. A favored class field has been added.

It is said that tieflings are part human, part something else . . . and that something else is usually assumed to be from the Lower Planes. There are those who say that tieflings are half-human and half-fiend. Still others say that tieflings are one-quarter fiend, three-quarters human. The fact of the matter is that all three stories are true. Of course, tieflings are also just considered “plane-touched.” Tieflings reach maturity at 17 years old, and can live to be 200.
Personality: With a race as varied as the tieflings, you never know what to expect. Tieflings are carnivorous and feed mostly upon meat, blood, bones, and marrow, preferably raw. Their favorite foods include balaena blubber, gristle, and roasted insects. They drink strange concoctions of broth, oil, sulfur, and firewater but will drink what’s available if they can’t get it.
Physical Description: Tieflings are so varied that a single physical description does not do them justice. A fair number of them look like planar half-elves. Those who look like planar half-elves also have the shadow of a knife-edge in their faces, a little too much fire in their eyes, and a scent of ash in the presence. Generally, however, tieflings range from 4’10” to 5’9” for males and from 4’9” to 5’6” for females. Do not bother to choose or roll height until after you have choosen your ability package. Choose or roll for weight at the normal time.
Relations: Tieflings have a bad reputation, and some hold disdain for their distinctly celestial counter parts, the Aasimar. Tieflings don’t take kindly to being called “half-breed” or “bastard”, “plane-touched” is better, and “sir” or “lady,” are best.
Alignment: Most tieflings tend towards forms of Neutral or Evil alignments, but they can be of any alignment other than Lawful Good.
Tiefling Lands: Tieflings have no lands of their own, and live among other races. A very large number of tieflings are from the Abyss.
Religion: If there is a true tiefling religion, it would be hero worship. Unlike traditional hero worship, tieflings worship their heroes while that hero lives. While an individual tiefling may be any religion he or she chooses, groups of tieflings have been known to follow a particularly charismatic tiefling. Such followings are called “schools” and they usually disband when the leader dies.
Language: Tieflings speak a variant of Common, called Planespeak, which uses the Common Alphabet. In addition, they may intuitively know Infernal (which they’ll call “Baatezu”), Yugoloth, or Demonic (Which they’ll call “Tanar’ri.”).
Names: Tiefling names are even more varied than the names of humans, half-elves, and half-orcs combined. Typically, a tiefling will have a human name, a devil name, a yugoloth name, or a demon name.
Adventurers: Tieflings are typically orphans, and take on adventuring to find or make their place in the Multiverse. To make up for what they lack in strength, they prefer slim razorlike weapons, and clever tactics such as coating their blades with poison. For short periods of time, tieflings can sustain themselves on ashes, coal, and other mineral matter.

Tiefling Racial Features
Strength -2, Intelligence +2, Wisdom -2, Charisma +2
Appearance and Racial Ability Options
There is a 50% chance that any given tiefling will be naturally ambidextrous. Roll d% and if you get 50 or less, your tiefling gets the Ambidexterity feat for free.
Planar heritage: see interdimensional gateways as glowing golden outlines, even when inactive.
Planar heritage: suceptiple to summoning spells
Favored Class: Any. Tieflings are just so varied that to have a singled favored class would be an injustice.

Option 1: Package Deal
Darkness 1/day.
½ damage from cold attacks.
+2 Saving throw bonus against fire, electricity, and poison.

Option 2: Random Appearance and Abilities
Roll on the Tiefling Abilities table 5 times. Reroll results add to the number of times you roll on the table, for example say you get a 99 on your third roll. 99 is a reroll result, and tells you to take two more rolls, ignoring results above 95. Your new total number of rolls is 6 (the original 5, +2 for the reroll, -1 because the first reroll replaces the current count.) Continue rolling until you have exhausted your total number of rolls.
Roll on the Tiefling Appearance table 1d4 times. Reroll results add to the number of times you roll on the table, for example you get a 96 on roll 1 (You are guaranteed one roll on this table if you choose this option). 96 is a reroll result which tells you to roll three more times ignoring results aboe 89. Your new total number of rolls is your original total +2 (whatever you rolled on 1d4, +3 the number of new rolls you are told to make, -1 because the first reroll replaces your current place in the count.) Continue rolling until you have exhausted your total number of rolls.
Roll on the Special Side Effect Table only if a roll on the Tiefling Appearance Table tells you to roll.

Tiefling Abilities
1d100 Roll Ability
01-03 Blur once per day
04-06 Charm person once per day
07-09 Chill Touch once per day
10-12 Comprehend languages once per day
13-15 Darkness once per day
16-18 Detect good twice per day, Detect evil twice per day
19-21 Detect magic three times per day
22-24 Detect thoughts once per day
25-27 Invisibility once per week
28-30 Know alignment once per day
31-33 Mirror image once per day
34-36 Misdirection once per day
37-39 Pyrotechnics three times per week
40-42 Suggestion once per week
43-45 Summon swarm once per week
46-48 Vampiric touch once per week
49-51 Whispering wind once per day
52-55 Half damage from fire
56-59 Half damage from cold
60-63 Half damage from electricity
64-67 Half damage from acid
68-75 Dark-Vision, 120 ft.
76-79 +2 saving throw bonus versus fire
80-83 +2 saving throw bonus versus electricity
84-87 +2 saving throw bonus versus poison
88-91 +2 saving throw bonus versus cold
92-95 +2 saving throw bonus versus acid
96 +2 bonus on Fortitude saves
97 +2 bonus on Reflex saves
98 +2 bonus on Will saves
99 Roll twice, rerolling results above 95
000 Roll three times, rerolling results above 95

Tiefling Appearance
1d100 Roll Feature
01-04 Small horns on forehead
05-06 Small horns on temples
07 Single horn on forehead
08-09 Long, thin face
10 Fangs
11 All teeth are pointed
12 Forked tongue
13-14 Pointed ears
15 Fanlike ears
16 Extremely long nose
17 Very small (almost unnoticeable) nose
18 Extremely long eyelashes
19-21 Red eyes
22-23 Black eyes (no whites)
24 Feline eyes
25-26 Extremely deep-set eyes
27-28 Green hair
29-30 Blue hair
31 Multicolored hair
32-33 Six fingers (including thumb)
34-35 Three fingers (including thumb)
36-37 Black fingernails
38-39 Red fingernails
40-41 Fingers one inch longer than normal
42 Arms six inches longer than normal
43 Legs six inches longer than normal
44-46 Horselike legs
47-49 Goatlike legs
53-55 Long, thin tail
56-57 Horselike tail
58-59 Lizardlike tail
60-62 Spiny ridge on back
63-65 Spiny ridges all over body
66-68 Hairless body
69-71 Body covered in short fur or long hair
72-73 Body covered in striped markings
74-75 Extremely greasy skin
76-80 Scaly skin
81-83 Leathery skin
84 Small feathers rather than hair on 10-100% of body
85 Green-tinted skin
86 Blue-tinted skin
87 Red-tinted skin
88-89 Special side effect (roll of Special Side Effects table)
90-94 Roll twice, rerolling results above 89
95-000 Roll three times, rerolling results above 89

Special Side Effects
1d100 Roll Side Effect
01-10 Ashy odor surrounds body
11-15 Sulfurous odor surrounds body
16-20 Rotting odor surrounds body
21-25 Skin exudes ashy grit
26-30 Body casts no shadow
31-33 Body has no reflection in mirror
34-40 Susceptible to spells such as spirit wrack and cacofiend
41-45 Tanar’ri (demons) react towards tiefling as though Baatezu (devil)
46-50 Baatezu (devils) react towards tiefling as though Tanar’ri (demon)
51-60 Presence causes unease in animals
61-65 Presence causes unease in NPCs, reactions at -4
66-70 Prolonged touch withers normal plants
71-75 Fingers treated as claws (1d3 damage)
76-80 Touch inflicts 1 point of damage due to high body heat
81-85 Touch inflicts 1 point of damage due to cold body temperature
86-90 Odd skin composition results in natural armor bonus of +1d6
91 Cannot reproduce
92 Holy water inflicts 1d6 damage
93 Exposure to direct sunlight inflicts 1 point of damage per round
94 Cannot enter “holy” areas
95 Harmed only by silver or magical weapons
96-000 Intuitively speaks the language of one fiendish race

It is entirely possible to end up with conflicting appearance features. A few examples, and possible ways to correct them follow:
You roll a 32 or 33 (Six fingers, including thumb), then a 34 or 35 (Three fingers, including thumb). Solution: Apply one result to one hand and the other result to the opposite hand.
You roll conflicting eye or hair colors and features. Solution: Just choose the one you like best. Solution II: You have rolled between 19 and 21 (Red eyes), then you rolled a 22 or 23 (Black eyes, no whites). Take the red eyes, and take the no whites.
Different tail types. Solution: You have multiple tails.
Short Fur or Long Hair all over Body and Hairless Body: Choose one. No phasing hair here.