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Sea Prince and Fire Child

This is the story of love. It is the retelling of an old tale. It is the story of two lovers: Syrius, a water child, and Malta, a fire child. They are destined by the stars to share their love, but the stars only light their way, they hold no sway over the reality that they were born into. Yet this does not stop them. They love! And that love carries them through loss after loss, even unto the end. Yet it is to the stars that Syrius and Malta transcend. And to this day they are there in love, together... forever...

The Cast of Characters:










The Story:

The story of Sea Prince and Fire Child begins long before Malta and Syrius were born. Hyperia and her brother Oceanus used to live together in peace and harmony. Until one day, Algoroc, the lord of the Winds grew jealous of the happiness that the happy pair shared. He told Hyperia that her brother planned to use his water to extinguish her flame, and he told Oceanus that his sister planned to overthrow him. In a rage they warred with each other, completely tearing themselves apart forever.

Our story takes place in two seperate worlds. In one, Syrius is the Prince of the Sea. He has just come of age to take the reins in the Ocean. His father Oceanus gives him the Eye of Algoroc, that he had removed to subdue him, to Syrius, and then gone back to his slumber. It is a happy time under the sea. In the kingdom of fire, high above the waves, Malta, daughter of Hyperia, is coming of age too... She tends to the holy flame, that is said to keep peace between the two worlds, but soon this will end for her.

Syrius, unknowing of what he is getting himself into, travels into and beyond the forbidden zone under the sea. Once there, he swims to the surface, and beholds a glorius sight. Malta, guarding the flame, entrances his heart. It does not take long for the two to become sweethearts, and fall deeply in love with one another, despite the fact that their kingdoms are at war. Their best friends, Bibble and Piale, both become jealous of the love that Malta and Syrius have found.

Serious problems loom on the horison. Malta finds out that on the night of the eclipse, only days away, she will transform into the new Queen of Fire, and never again be able to guard the Holy Flame, or see Syrius again. Syrius, in not attending to his duties as Prince, has let the ocean get overrun by jellyfish who reek havoc on the kingdom. In response to this and to the fact that he has admitted his love for a Fire Child, he is imprisoned. Malta is also put in prison so that she will never see Syrius again.

Before the two are imprisoned they find out about a star where fire and water live together. It is said that on the night of the eclipse, on the Hill of Elysium, a flower blooms called the Calia flower which will take someone to that star.

Malta manages to escape and makes her way to the hill of Elysium. Syrius only manages to escape after Bibble sacrifices himself put the Eye back into Algoroc's head to wake him up. But his is to late, by the time he reaches the Hill, the eclipse has alreay happened and Malta, who had waited and waited, is transformed into the new Queen of Fire. Syruis who was blinded in a fall, hears only the sound of Malta's voice and walks toward her, headless of her warnings.

In a blinding flash he dies in the direct light of the su, which instantly kills any Water Child. Malta is so distraut that she carries Syrius body back to the water where she sacrifices herself in the waves, so that they will never part again.

In the end, Oceanus rises from the sea, with the dead lovers in his hand and sends them together to live on that star where they can live together in happiness.

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