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This is Me with my White's QXT.

The Weather where I live is Currently:

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Michael Ebright
Auburndale, FL.

"Here is a little background on myself...I was born in Kansas City, Kansas on September 16, 1974. Moved to Florida when I was 10 years old. Went to High School in Winter Haven and Auburndale. Currently I am (30) years old and live in Auburndale with my wife April (30) and my son Tyler (11)...My hobbies include Metal Detecting, Bowling, and Spending Time with My Family."

People to Thank...

  • "My Parents for raising Me to be Understanding."

  • "My Wife for putting up with Me."

  • "To Robin for talking me into this hobby."

  • "Thank You for visiting and
  • Enjy!!!"

    I Will Be Updating the "Sunday's Finds" Page Often.
    ( On Sundays most of the time )


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