This web page was made specially for my friend Appletree to explain my ideas on the subject of unicorns. I decided to open it to all of the visitors to my page, making it the almost secret land of the unicorns.

To me, the Secret Land of the Unicorns is a lot like faeryland, perhaps even a part of it. It is as far away or as close as your imagination makes it. The only way to find it is to Believe and to remember that it may not appear to you the way you expect it to. I saw faeries in my head and drew or painted them long before I was able to see them with my open eyes. I must admit that I don't think I've even seen a unicorn with my eyes open.
I apologize for not having the sources of some of these graphics yet. If you know who the artist of any of these pictures is, please e-mail me.This one here is my favorite. It supports my theory that unicorns and faeries live together happily and that we can see them, if our eyes are open to wonder and magick. I was recently informed that it is by Diana Elizabeth Stanley. To see more of her work, click here.
This is my birthstone unicorn, for the occasionally lovely month of March.
This is Appletree's birthstone unicorn for the always lovely month of May.
This is Magickal Pie, my Magick Guardian from Elf Girl. I was absolutely delighted when I found her, and a little surprised when she told me her name, but she's definitely magickal and sweet.
I adopted this unicorn from myself, I suppose. She can lead you to my adoption center, where you can get your own unicorn.
This unicorn lives on a beautiful hand made piece of furniture, if you would like to see more like him, click him. The image was a gift from the owner of the site.