The Symbolism of Trees

Apple (Quert)- represents beauty and youthfulness. All things innocent and fresh. Eternity.

Blackthorn (Straif)- member of the Rose Family it is the Fairy Tree. Guarded by Fairies, if harmed or cut on the wrong day misfortune will follow he who fells the tree (bush). Strength in adversity.

Silver Fir (Ailm)- a tall tree associated with the Yuletide and Solstice.

Furze or Gorse (Onn)- a thorny shrub associated with the Spring Equinox. Symbol of fertility.

Heather (Ur) - a large shrub - another name for Venus or Guinevere. Generosity and persistence.

Poplar or Aspen (Eadha)- Courage and endurance.

Mistletoe - Graves makes a case for an additional blank ogham, the unhewn dolmen arch, which he associated with mistletoe. Mistletoe had great ceremonial importance to the Celts and is associated with birth and rebirth.

Sequoia - represents wisdom and longevity.

Beech - the symbol of stability and evenness.

Dogwood - symbolizes Glamour and refinement.

Cedar - represent protection from harm and evil forces.

Cypress - symbolizes sadness and morning.

Hazelnut - represents elation, loss of inhibition and exhilaration.

Elm - symbolized the dark side of the psyche.

Fir - represents change and shape shifting. Objectivity.

Pine - symbolizes continuation and hardiness.

Sycamore - symbolizes development, perseverance and vitality. They are often able to grow where no other tree can

Spruce - represents versatility and symbolizes coldness.

Yew (Idho) - symbolizes death, rebirth and reincarnation. Change and regeneration.

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