This page is first and foremost designed to be of use to the Boston Pagan Alliance herb circle members. If you live in the Boston area and are interested in joining, e-mail me. We meet weekly to discuss various kinds of herbal magick.

All of the information on these page has been kindly provided by Sage, who leads the herb circle. She compiled it from several different sources.

Page 1-This page has associations with Gods, Goddesses, and elements, in addition to uses.

Page 2-This page deals largely with the symbolism of different trees.

Page 3-Celtic Tree Magickal Medicine and Healing

Page 4-Witches and Trees

Magickal Intentions-This page lists the various herbs you might use for different magickal intentions

Planets in the Garden by Culpeper-This page lists which herbs, vegetales, and trees are associated with the planets, to help plan a celestial garden.

This page has some wonderful information about plants that have magickal meaning for faeries, and uses in faerie magick. It's also one of my favorite pages on the net.

Since I decided to put up a magick page on my site, I decided to invoke the Goddess, as Gaia. It sounds kind of funny to say that I adopted Gaia to guard my web page, but I did. Thanks to Gaia for life, the universe, and everything. Thanks to Amanda for the lovely rendition.