Hello. These little faeries and their friends are happy on this web page and they'd be happy on your web page too. If you would like a faery or one of the other adoptables, follow these simple directions:

Save the magickal creatures on your own computer.
Fill the adoption form out, completely and accurately.
Take a banner and link it to http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/mapletreedryad. If you request a custum banner, I will send it to you via e-mail, but please use one of the other banners, until I have the chance.
Do not use faeries for any purpose other than adoption/decoration for your web page.
You need a web page to adopt a faerie. If you don't have a web page, I recommend Angelfire.
Please put the creatures somewhere they'll be happy. Pay attention to how they feel about the background color. Some of them may be afraid of the dark.
I'm happy to help with html fragments, and the like. Feel free to e-mail me with questions.

I agree to all of these terms. Let me enter.