Welcome to Mangoes, Mania, and Mischief!

This is Delirium from Neil Gaiman's Sandman Comics. The art above is by Richard Case. Apologies for labeling it as being by Jill Thompson for all of these years. I can't help being a little delirious at times. I was Delirium for Halloween almost two years ago, I haven't been able to completely relinquish her identity. It's kind of funny, but as I get older, I never feel less like Delirium, I just understand different facets of her. I've been afraid of losing reality, and more afraid of losing my fantasies, and the latter was infinitely scarier.

A Table of my Favorite Fruits

Fruit Color Season Super Powers
Mangoes Sunshine (inside) Summer Complete rejuvenation of the Soul
Raspberries Raspberry red Summer Intensifies Dreaming
Apples Red, Yellow, Green All year Tastes like Autumn all Year
Peaches Peachy orangey Summer Stickiness and Fuzziness
Pomegranates Red Autumn Favored by Persephone
Strawberries Red Summer Good Friends with Chocolate
Pears Green, Brown All year Exceptional Conversationalists
This is a picture I drew 
of Del

I gave Neil Gaiman the original of this faerie at a book signing. For anyone who is interested in what I think, Neil Gaiman is very nice and looks somewhat like a Muppet. When this faerie found out that this page paid some respects to Neil, she insisted on coming along for the ride, or walk, or fly. If I had four legs and wings I wouldn't ride anywhere.

One of the first things I found for Delirium online is this wonderful story that was commissioned by Neil Gaiman but never published. Check it out here

Good ways to meet Del

Eat too many lollypops.
Talk to frogs, inanimate and otherwise.
Take some,,,Oh forget about that!
Blow ENDLESS bubbles.
Stay awake until you forget how to sleep.