A Fidget of Faeries

Hello. I am very happy, due to the fact that I have finally created a page to display some of my faerie art that I actually like. My first page was named "A Fidget of Faeries", and it seems like a good name for this page now. I figure that if you can have a murder of crows or a heralding of larks, there's no reason why you can't have a fidget of faeries. So welcome and enjoy.
This faery delights in spreading joy. She knows sorrow, but sorrow is too weak to hold onto the wings of a merry dancing faery.
This faery is either so innocent he looks mischevious or so mischevious that he looks innocent. I'm not sure which. Granted, odd things tend to happen with this faery around, and they're always a little funny and a little frustrating.
This faery showed up after I visited the Faerie Forum and participated in a discussion about whether or not faeries hibernate in the winter and whether or not they like chocolate. This faery is happiest playing with her M&M in the snow.
This faery lives on Liz's fridge and is very happy there. The tree in the picture lives in Kenmore Square in Boston and is happy when you climb into him, but reluctant to let you leave.

I have some other faeries who refused to put on their clothes to be on my web page. If you would like the URL for my non-pornographic, non-sexual naked faeries, e-mail me at mapletreedryad@hotmail.com.