I Believe in Faeries

I also think that it's very important to remind myself this every day. Faeries are like Gods and Goddesses, and like anything else magickal. If we don't believe in them, they will fade from this world. The world is run on faith and dreams. Believing is seeing.

Therefore, I urge you to take on of these buttons and put it on your page. You don't have to link back to me or tell me you took it, but it would be nice.

The little faery flutters to a tree

She lands upon a perfect golden leaf

And falls asleep to dream of what may be

When dank decay contaminates belief.

She knows she is a figment of our minds

Without the spark she ceases to exist.

The faery world depends on humankind

Or vanishes between the beads of mist.

But little does the sleeping human dream

That her existance is no more concrete.

For that which might so solid to her seem

Is formed by faery minds, and hands and feet.

Reality is formed by fantasy.

Believe what you believe not what you see.

That poem was sort of written as a joke, to show that I can't really write sonnets. However, it fit rather nicely on this page, and seemed somewhat less silly, so I hope you all like it. The "I Believe" campaign, to the best of my knowledge, originated with Faerie Godmother Fiona. Therefore, you should visit her.