Here are the awards I have won and gifts I've received.

If you would like to give me an award or a gift, I would be happy to put it here.

This faerie was made just for me by Rainbowmist. We e-mail and decided to exchange custom made pictures. (:
The Button Award I was sent this award on February 11th, 2000. It was the first award I received. I don't think their page is currently up, but I'll leave the link, just in case. Thank you Button Award people.
This beautiful image was a gift from Andabee to brighten up my page when there wasn't very much on it. Faery kisses to Andabee!
Unicorn Jewel sent me this lovely image shortly after the opening of the Secret Land of the Unicorns. Unicorn blessings to Unicorn Jewel!
I received this award from Jewelsparkle on October 19th. Check out her page. It's absolutely lovely.
This image was sent to me by Rainbowmist. I love these faery/unicorn combination pictures. It's also nice to see a brown unicorn. I'm sure they're rarer than white ones. Be sure to check out Rainbowmist's page, which is a very creative work in progress. I awarded her my "Once Upon a Time" award, for sites showing promising beginnings.

These next three awards are from Elf Girl. When I applied for them, I couldn't decide which to apply for and asked her to pick. She sent all three. You should definitely visit her site, which is one of my very favorite faerie pages.
This lovely award is from MisChif. MisChif's page has lots of wonderful and magickal things, including a great index to faerie sites. Thank you MisChif.
These lovely awards are from Raven at Things with Wings. Her site features angels, butterflies, and faeries. Of course I'm a little partial to the faeries, but the whole site is great, and her design is superb.
This cookie was a pleasant and tasty surprise in my mailbox. Yum yum! Thanks to Nick for sending me the cookie and also to the grandmas at the bakery.
The Darksbane Dragons gave me this. I don't have the time to participate in the site wars, but thanks for the award.
This lovely award is from Kim of Precious Fairies. Her page has lots of nifty stuff, as you will notice if you visit my page of adopted faeries.

This gorgeous image was made just for me by my friend Pete. Thanks Pete.

Would you like to win an award???

If so, email me at Be sure to include your URL and e-mail address. I do have several guidelines.

1. Everything must work. It's basic, but very necessary.

2. Credit as many of your images as possible. When you can't credit the artist, credit the site where you found them.

3. I love original content. I think that content is more important than layout.

4. This is probably unnecessary to mention, but your site must not offend me. While nude art is fine, pornography, offensive language, and intolerant ideas are not.