Adopted Faeries

(as if there weren't already enough faeries here...just kidding!)
Yule Pixies I can't begin to say how nifty it is that the Enchanted Hollow has Wicca pixies. I'm sure I'll be adopting a new one every six weeks or so. Adopt Yours Here!
These stunning fairies are from SweetWater Valley, created by the talented Starluck. Definitely a treat.
When you go here, you will have a hard time resisting the urge to adopt all of the beautiful faeries, angels, and other beings. I had to bring the sorceress here, because she looks just like me, doing my tree magick.

These faeries are so cute that I just had to invite them over to my page.
Wonderflight is one of those pages that is so, well, wonderful that if you haven't visited it yet, you simply must. I'm sure these lovely faeries miss their home, but I hope they're happy here too.
Nerissa and Sorshalyn are from the Realm of the Fairies.