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Hey!! I'm Maria, Welcome to my page (by the way, the title is just that...something to call it...not the URL, sorry!)

Spoiler Warning: Umm loads of different episodes on the variuos pages from serie 1-4. But most start with something like "In episode X". Tip: If it's not an episode you've seen run in the opposite direction...very quickly...then again most of my spoilers will probably be wrong...i have an interesting way of twisting the facts so that they please me. LOL!

Disclaimer: Of course Stargate SG1 doesn't belong to me...if it did i would probably have a better page!

Okay well just before we start i think I should point out that like the Goa'uld I'm 'parasitic by nature' so none of the images on this page belong to me, they're from Stargate SG1, Slida's Chaapa'ai, Katana's Cheyenne Mountain, Chevron Seven, The Gateway UK, StarGuide and Kernal Jack's Pad. You can find all these pages in my links.

Okay well if you can't tell by now, the point of my page is Daniel Jackson *sigh*. Okay a little rule of my home....you can call him many things, Daniel, our Beloved, Spacemonkey, Sniffles the geek boy, Maria's danieell (attempt at the Sha're accent), Our God, Daniel sweety/honey/babe danny-if you must. I will probably use all of these! But please don't call him danny-boy. It's annoying, makes him sound like a little kid and only Jack has that right! You can call him Dr. Jackson and I think that there are sometimes when he goes into his "Dr. Jackson mode" like the briefing in Fair Game or in the Torment of Tantalus. You know what I mean when he gets all passionate and starts waving his arms around wildly! But this is not recommended for normal use. It's waaay too formal and makes him sound old! He's not ofcourse. He managed his various PhD's by the time he was 21!!

so why am I so obsessed with my daniel...well just look at him!! Who wouldn't be completely taken by his gentle strength, his compassion, his humour, his suffering *HUGS!!(lots of!)* his intelligence, his commitment and the never ending source of hope and energy he has! I mean after all he's been through. Watching his parents die when he was 8 years old. Seeing his grandfather decide that work was more important than Danny sweetheart, being laughed out of the academic community, losing Sha're, finding out Sha're was having Apophis's child, losing Sha're once again after only just finding her, watching Teal'c kill Sha're/Ammonet, rebounding on 'the destroyer of worlds!', Nick once again abdoning him for work, Shifu basically telling him to get lost, dying himself more than a few times! etc etc how come he keeps on coming. Why didn't he give up a long time ago?? I did for a while think it was the coffee...but he spent a year of Abydos with no coffee and they have 36 hour days!!! I give up! I don't quite know why he does it but it'll never fail to impress me. There's a really good example of this in the movie. Daniel darling is in the lecture hall and almost everyone walks out. But he doesn't stop, he gets off the stage and continues talking to the sole survivor of his audience who is probably just too polite too leave! Immediately this made me a devoted fan of his....so much commitment, so much passion for his work and absolutely refuses to give up hope! I good example for us all! Always look on the bright side of life!

Ummmm well Daniel is in Heliopolis and has Ernest's diary open with his 50 years or research into four of the oldest and best races in the galaxy. I guess that means that his "words of wisdom" are worth listening too!! I'm gonna start with the one that's danny's fav. "Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee" LOL! That explains a lot really doesn't it! If you want more just click the link. You'll be able to add your own too. Go on make yourself immortal!

oh just incase you're wondering....i also obsess over the rest of SG1 and Scifi in general. Hence the URL!! see I knew it made some kinda sense!

Hey okay if you're not bored with my babbling yet or want to help me babble go to my message board. If you are bored, go anyway! Go on it's kinda my fave bit and danny and Teal'c are doing it. Yes that is what they're doing on that complicated looking computer system!


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