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What Michael Read (Parts 1&2)


Final Destination(Finished)


You Human, Me Alien(Finished)


Scrooge (Parts 1-7)


Bird In A Gilded Cage (Parts 1-17) **NC-17**

Whipped Cream Anyone? (Finished)


When Silence Breaks The Heart (Parts 1-4)


An Unwilling Match Not Made In Heaven (Finished)

Coexisting (Part 1)

The Hunter or the Hunted (Finished)

We Are Not Alone (Finished)


Saying Goodbye (Finished)

Surprise (Finished)


In Your Eyes (Finished)

Starcrossed (Parts 1&2)


A Rainy Night In Georgia(Finished)**NC-17**

All I Need (Finished)**NC-17**

And Then I Knew (Finished)

Days Go By (Finished)

Fear Of Falling (Finished)

Sleeping With the Enemy (Part 1)

These Dreams(Finished)**NC-17**

This Ordinary Life (Parts 1-4)**NC-17**

With Arms Wide Open (Finished)

Under the Mistletoe (Finished)

*Courtney Lynn*

The Dance (Parts 1-7)


Long Week (Parts 1-3)


Light (Part 1)


Aftermath (Finished)

Rebound (Finished)


Down At the Nookie Motel (Finished)


Is He Right For You? (Parts 1-5)


Calm (Finished)


From Nowhere Leaving This Place (Finished)

Sequel to From Nowhere Leaving This Place (Parts 1&2)


Maria's One and Only Wish (Parts 1-5)


And Then There Were Three (Finished)

Animal Instinct(Finished)**NC-17**

Dreams, Or Nightmares (Parts 1-5)

Til There Was You (Parts 1-6)


The Cradle Will Fall (Parts 1-3)


Nothing And Everything (Finished)

Finding Air (Finished)


Then The Morning Comes (Finished)


Is it Real or is it Memorex? (Parts 1-4)**NC-17**


Do What You Have to Do (Parts 1-3)


Endgame (Finished)**NC-17**

Hideaway *Sequel to Endgame* (Finished)

How Deep Is That?(Finished)

Sugar High(Finished) Whisper Scream (Finished)


Something Just Like Dreaming (Parts 1-4)

Surviving(Part 1)

Trapped (Finished)

*Octa and Jane*

One Of Those Days (Part 1)

Winterblue (Part 1)

*Princess Elfie*

Untitled (Part 1)


Michael's Mistake (Finished)

Poison (Finished)

The Secret is Out (Finished)

Topolsky Knows (Finished)


Down In Flames (Finished) **NC-17**

Fallen Star (Parts 1-7)

The Tryst(Finished)**NC-17**


Closing Time (Finished)

Eating Together (Finished) *Sequel to Closing Time*

Angels and Astronauts(Parts 1-5) *Sequel to Closing Time*


Just A Kiss (Finished)

Impure Thoughts (Finished) *Sequel to Just a Kiss*

They Shoot Monkeys, Don't They? (Finished)


You Never Asked (Finished)


Kidnapped (Finished)