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This section shows the default control scheme for the game, it is also shown in one of the in game help menus. Note that you can customize your controls by running the program SETUP.EXE or by modifying the DUKE3D.CFG file.

I use the following config file: DUKE3D.CFG . This file uses more common control schemes, such as the WASD movement and closer keys for the RPG, Devastator, and so on - you may find it useful. To use it, simply make a backup of your current config file and put this one in it's place.

A: Jump
Z: Duck

Arrows     : Move
Shift      : Run
CapsLock   : Run Lock
Alt        : Strafe (Using Left and Right)
',' and '.': Left Strafe and Right Strafe
Ctrl       : Fire
SpaceBar   : Use (something in the environment)
Backspace  : Spin around 180 degrees

Item Keys
H: Holoduke
J: JetPack
N: Nightvision
M: Medkit
R: Steroids

ENTER  : Use item
[ or ] : Scroll through items

Weapon Keys:

1: Quick Kick
2: Mighty Foot
3: Pistol
4: Shotgun
5: Chaingun Cannon
6: RPG
7: Pipebomb
8: Shrink Ray
9: Devastator
0: Laser Trip Bomb

";" and "'" : Scroll through Weapons
ScrLock     : Holster Weapon

Looking Around

PgUp/PgDn  : Look up or down
Home / End : Aim up or down
Keypad 5   : Center View
Ins/Del    : Look Left or Right


- , + : Zoom in and out
F     : Follow map mode
TAB   : Change map layer or exit the map.

Function Keys:

F1 : Help
F2 : Save
F3 : Load
F4 : Sound / Music
F5 : Select Music
F6 : Quick Save
F7 : Third Person View
F8 : Toggle Messages
F9 : Quick Load
F10: Quit Game
F11: Select Brightness
F12: Save Screenshot (PCX)

Misc Keys

- or + : Resize the Screen
U      : Toggle Mouse Aiming
I      : Toggle Crosshairs
TAB    : Toggle Map


T: Send message
W: Show opponent's weapon
K: Show Co-Op view

SHIFT + Function  : Send text macro
ALT + Function Key: Send sound macro (remote ridicule)