To Augustus (Gus) Coffey,
my best friend of thirty years,
who passed in the dying days of 2000.
I miss you, man.

To my mother Dorothy Mae Mosley and my father John Mat thew Faucette Senior, my sisters Regina Ann (Pat) Faucette Abdul- Salam, Rochelle, Marie and Harriet, my brothers Joe, Maurice and Steve and the women I have known and/or loved over the years Ann Marie Weston, Vevelyn Love Penney, Diane Winbush Camp bell, Robin Thorn, Cindy Merle Jones, Betty Jean Speights, Mary Jordan and Mary Singh and my friends Emily Calleia, Robert T. Cloud, Joe Tormos, Robert Joyner, Angela Lewis, Al and Moya Amateau, Yolette Placid, Eric Martinborough, Bruce Bullock, Judy Gough and Pedro Zayas, my childhood friends Johnny and Dougie Jackson and Tommy Lee, the guys from high school Rene Oliveras, James Gordon and Dallas Garvin and finally my nieces and neph ews Rasheed and Ayinde Abdul-Salam, Gary Jr., Angie and her daughter Angela (the inspiration for Iana "Troublemaker" Mac Donald), Crystal and her husband Jimmy, Nita and her husband Pope and their children Wesley and Jordan (my godson), Ryan, Ronald Jr., Richard, his daughter Christina, Julie, Rita, Michelle, Champ and my sister Carol from my father's first family and brothers Miguel and Adrian from his third.

And my uncles and aunts, living and dead: Evelyn, Alma, Lilly (who gave me my first typewriter—which I used until it fell apart), Francis Hall, Herman, Nate, Clifford.

To Mary M. (Elaine) Adams and Claudette.

My cousin Carol.

And any others I have for the moment overlooked.

A special mention to Jeanne Renner, an old boss, for personal inspiration and guidance.

And Marcie Braithwaithe whose lunchtime stories led twenty years later to the creation of Delilah and Cassandra.

I love you all.