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Game Reviews


Controls: 10%
Enjoyment: 25%
Graphics: 20%
Music: 20%
Story: 25%
*= One star /=Half a star
***** possible

Playstation Games
Legend Of Dragoon
Controls: *****
Enjoyment: *****
Graphics: ****
Music: ****/
Story: *****
OVERALL: *****

As far as I'm concerned this is THE best game made for the Sony Playstation Entertainment System. The best series of RPGs used to be Final Fantasy, but this game is so good it has earned the title of Final Fantasy killer because it smashes them under its own weight of story, music, graphics and the like. It stars a boy named Dart, who finds that the stone his father gave him lets him transform into the legendary Dragon Knight, Dragoon. His childhood friend, Shana, curiously comes with him and also recieves this great power from an ancient Dragoon Spirit. A knight joins the team as well, Lavitz, and after defeating the man who killed Lavitz's father, Lavitz inherits the green dragoon spirit. A mysterious warrior named Rose, whom saved Dart's life twice, joins the team as a dragoon in order to watch the budding warriors. Soon, Dart's old friend Haschel joins the party and eventually gains his own dragoon spirit. Dart's best friend, Lavitz, is soon killed by a man named Lloyd who possesses the dragon buster sword, and King Albert takes Lavitz's place. Then a young dancer joins the party in hopes of adventure, and after defeating Lloyd's girlfriend, Lenus, becomes a Dragoon as well. Later, Kongol the last of the Gigantos joins after losing twice to Dart in battles and buys his Dragoon spirit for 1,000 dollars from a strange old merchant. Soon, Shana finds a girl her age sleeping in a bed (named Miranda), and faints. Her dragoon spirit floats out of her body, and into Miranda's. Lloyd himself becomes a dragoon, the legendary Divine Dragoon. At the end of the game you must face Melbu Frahma, the god of destruction. The storyline is rich with twists and plot, and the story itself is a challenge to accept.