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Super Joe RPG


Creator: JSH357
Completion: 30%
Graphics: 15/20
Music: 20/20
Plotscripting: 15/20
Story: 15/20
Playability: 20/20
Total: 85/100

Its a great game, and the first ever to be in the top 20 percent. I reccomend trying it, because it is really awesome!

Graphics: 15/20
Music: 7/20
Plotscripting: 16/20
Story: 7/20
Playablity: 20/20
Total: 65/100
This game is nothing special like blazes battle said. The graphics are great but the music is the worst. The plotscripting is really good. The last thing is the story, it is really bad. over all it is a fun game but the music and story need a change.