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Creator: Blazes Battle
Completion: 3%
Graphics: 15/20
Music: 0/20
Plotscripting: 12/20
Story: 3/20
Playability: 15/20
Total: 45/100

I made this game, but this is an extremely limited demo. For now there's just a training level. It is 3% completed, the graphics are all right, there's no music or title screen, the plotscripting is simple but still makes really neat effects, there is barely any story, but so its fun for the two minutes it lasts. Work will be resumed in the future.
Graphics 10/20
Music 0/20
Plotcripting 17/20
Total 52/100
The game is short but fun. The graphics are ok and there is no music. I gave the plotscripting a high rating because when you pick your submarine it goes under water in a cool way. The story well there is not really much of a story but there is a little one and it is not that great. It over all is a fun game but it needs to be updated.