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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon


Creator: Yoshi512
Completion: 25%(?)
Graphics: 17/20
Music: 10/20 (ripped)
Plotscripting: 15/20
Story: 15/20
Playability: 17/20
Total: 74/100

A Sailor Moon game (duh). I'm, personally, not a fan of Sailor Moon, but this game was pretty good, and anyone who likes Sailor Moon will love it.
Graphics: 18/20
Music: 5/20
Plotscripting: 10/20
Story: 15/20
Playability: 20/20
Total: 68/100
The graphics are great but the music is the worst. Plotscripting is ok and the story is the same as most Sailor Moon games. It is a fine game for Sailor Moon.