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Creator: JSH357
Completion: 100%
Graphics: 1/20
Music: 15/20
Plotscripting: 5/20
Story: 5/20
Playability: 5/20
Total: 31/100

Its a hilarious game, that of course, takes place with your character being a single dot. What did you expect from a game called Pixilation? Anyway, its really funny, but the battles are hard and there's a lot of text, but still give this unique game a chance!

Graphics: 1/20
Music: 5/20
Plotscripting: 5/20
Story: 1/20
Playability: 20/20
Total: 32/100
This game is not funny. I think it is the worst game ever. I don't need to say any more, the game is just plain bad.