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The Quest of Cheese Penguin


Creator: Blazes Battle
Completion: 45%
Graphics: 10/20
Music: 15/20 (Ripped)
Plotscripting: 15/20
Story: 16/20
Playability: 20/20
Total: 76/100

This game, the Quest of Cheese Penguin, is my first work. It is about Cheese Penguin, and his fellow penguins are under attack by the Bad People Empire. He and his cheesy friends are out to save the world from destruction as well. The graphics range from horrid to wonderful, but at least there's a big variety. The music is great, but lost five points because almost all of is ripped. The plotscripting is good, especially when the team blasts off into space in a cutscene. Don't leave because it sounds stupid though! This game recieved a full 20 on playability because it is so funny and enjoyable, so download and tell me what you think!
Graphics 12/20
Music 14/20
Plotscripting 15/20
Story 15/20
Playability 20/20
Total 76/100
It is a good game, the graphics start out, well bad, but they get better. The music is ok, I don't like the world map music or some of the boss music. Plotscripting is ok it is nothing special but still ok. The story is about cheese and penguins, well I have to say that is original but the story is not awesome but is is well original. It is funny and a good game.