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Duck and MJ


Creator: JSH357
Completion: 75%
Graphics: 5/20
Music: 15/20 (Ripped)
Plotscripting: 10/20
Story: 10/20
Playability: 10/20
Total: 50/100

Its a good attempt at being funny, but lacks some of the good characteristics of RPGs. For example, the battles are too hard and the maps are too confusing. Plus its almost impossible to know where you're going sometimes. But its still worth a try, and it is kind of funny.
Graphics: 3/20
Music: 10/20
Plotscripting: 10/20
Story: 5/20
Playability: 20/20
Its graphics, story, and music is well, you dont want to know. Its plotscripting is fine and its playability is fine as well.