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-Battle Tek
-Status: (Unavailable)
A game with gundam-like robots. Not much done in it, though.
-Cheese Penguin: Eight Corners of the Earth
-Status: (Unavailable)
A game with Cheese Penguin, not much done in it.
-Dragon Ball Z: A History
-Status: (Unavailable)
A DBZ fan game that's pretty good, but just started.
-Final Fantasy: The Everlasting Infinity
-Status: (Unavailable)
A Final Fantasy fan game that's REALLY new.
-Status: (Unavailable)
A comedy game.
-Status: (Demo)
A plotscripting game, kind of short.
-The Blaze Sword
-Status: (Near Demo Stage)
An awesome game, the first in a series.
-The Quest for the Pheonix
-Status: (Unavailable)
A pretty good game, not much in it yet though.
-The Quest of Cheese Penguin
-Status: (Demo)
An old game, not all too good.

Upcoming Projects

Ant Quest
Death Warriors
Blaze 3D Blast: Blaze Before
Unicorn's Peace
Curse of Flames
Blaze II: The Kumosan Shuriken
Blaze III: The Gabriel Gem
Blaze IV: The Krystal Chain
Blaze V: The Final Battle
Blaze VI: The Revival
Drunken II: How Dry I Am
Dragon Fighters
Atom Men