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Making an Attack with Two Frames
This is simple. Just make two attack pics, put one on both the right and left side and put the other in the middle. Then go into edit attacks and make it so that its an oscillating picture and it will be the same as two attack frames.

Making a Vehicle Stay in one Place after you Leave a Map and Reenter
This isn't too complicated. I will use an airship as an example. First, make the vehicle and stats and everything. Then make two global variables in a plotscript called airshipx and airshipy. Then, copy this script (change names and numbers as neccesary. The # should be replaced with the number of the NPC that the vehicle will be in.)
script, Airshipdismount, begin
set variable (airshipx, npc x(#))
set variable (airshipy, npc y(#))

Now, make this script the script to be played when the player dismounts the airship. Next, make this script.
script, Airshipposition, begin
set npc position (3,airshipx,airshipy)

Finally, make this the script that plays whenever you character enters the area with the vehicle. Now you make vehicles that aren't buggy! Hooray!:-)

Drawing Techniques
All I can say is look in Bob the Hamster and get a base idea of how he drew his!;-)