1.     Purpose of the scheme:

To introduce a ISRO scheme enabling scientists from universities and other academic and research institutions to visit and conduct research work at national laboratories, academic/research institution, ISRO centres/units and national space centres, in the area of space science and related topics.


2.     Preamble:

In order to encourage potential academic staff members, scientists and research students of universities and academic/research institutions, hereafter termed as “university scientists”, to participate in space science research activities, it has been felt that there should be a provision enabling these scientists to work at national laboratories, academic/research institutions and ISRO Centres and Institutions (hereafter termed as “Space Research Institutions”) having necessary facilities and expertise for conducting research in space science and related topics. Hence ADCOS (Advisory Committee for Space Science of ISRO) has recommended to introduce a Visiting Fellowship Scheme, hereinafter called “ADCOS Research Fellowships Scheme” or “ADREF Scheme” for short.


3.     Objectives:


The main objectives are to:


§       Enable “university scientists” engaged in scientific research to visit “Space Research Institutions” and use their facilities and/or collaborate in carrying out research in space science and related topics

§       Help build up necessary interaction between “university scientists” and those at “Space Research Institutions” in the research fields of “space sciences” (the term “space sciences” includes studies related to atmospheric phenomena, climate and global change studies, aeronomy, astronomy/astrophysics, planetary exploration, design of space science instrumentation, microgravity research, materials science and origin of life)

§       Assist in creation of necessary expertise particularly in “universities” for conducting research in “space sciences”


4.     Details of the “ADREF Scheme”:


(A) Name of the scheme: “ADCOS Research Fellowship Scheme” or “ADREF Scheme”

(B) Number of Fellowships at any given time: 20

(C) Eligibility: The ADREFs are available to faculty members/scientists of any    university and academic/research institution and research students working therein

(D)  Duration of Fellowship: 15 days to 6 months at a time


§       The ADCOS Research Fellow (ARF) may visit the concerned “Space Research Institutions” for a period ranging from 15 to 180 days at a time. However the minimum period of stay for research students will be 30 days. Each visit would be considered based on receipt of separate proposals


(E) Financial and other assistance: The financial support for the ADREFs would consist   of the following:


§       Daily allowance (to ARFs) admissible as per Central Government Rules for a maximum period of six months

§       To and fro travel expenses (to ARFs) from the parent to the host institution according to the entitlement as per Central Government rules

§       Rs. 1000/- per month per fellowship to the host institution for overhead and administrative expenses, only if the visit is for one month or more

§       A provision of a maximum of Rs. 20,000/- to host institution per fellowship for the purpose of procuring special consumables, small items of equipment etc., if specifically recommended by ADCOS and approved by ISRO based on details provided in the proposal

§       Accommodation may be provided in the guesthouse of the host institutions subject to availability


5.  Guidelines and procedure to apply for ADREFs:


§       The “university scientists” either individually or in small groups, (e.g., in many cases an university faculty member and a Ph.D. research scholar) could use ADREF scheme to visit any of the “Space Research Institutions” on the basis of mutually agreed research progamme which should be worked out between the candidate(s) and the scientist(s) of the host institution. Any arrangement for accommodation etc. should also be worked out between the candidate(s) and the administration of the host institution. Necessary documents in confirmation of these arrangements should be submitted along with the application.

§       Prior concurrence by the applicant’s institution (NOC/leave of Absence) on applicant’s visit under the ADREF scheme need to be attached along with the application

§       The application in a prescribed format, complete in all respects, along with copies of the above documents may be sent to:


Programme Director

Space Science Office

ISRO HQ, Antariksh Bhavan

New BEL Road

Bangalore – 560 094


§       The applications would be referred to the Chairman, ADCOS-1 or ADCOS-2 as the case may be for necessary recommendations based on which the selection would be made and approved by ISRO

§       The ADCOS Research Fellows (ARFs) would be required to submit a detailed report of the work done during the tenure of fellowship through the host institution to the above address within one month of completion of the tenure.

§       The financial support to the ARFs would be channeled through the host institution based on submission of necessary TA bills. If the visit is for a period of more than one month the TA bills could be submitted and settled after the completion of each month or part there of.




(Each applicant should submit separate application on plain paper using the following proforma)



1)    Name

2)    Designation and basic salary

3)    Date of Birth

4)    Address of the institute

5)    Academic qualification

6)    List of publications (last five years)

7)    Subject/Area of the proposed research work

8)    Proposed scientific research planned to be conducted at the host institution (enclose a brief project proposal and plan of work)

9)    Name of the host institution

10) Name and designation of the contact scientist in the host institution

11) Duration of the proposed visit including approximate dates

12) Letter of concurrence for the proposed visit from parent institution

13) Letter of concurrence for the proposed visit from host institution

14) Confirmation letter on guest house accommodation from host institution

15) Place, Date and Signature of the Candidate