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Frost's Holocron of Knowledge

Frost's Holocron of Knowledge

Welcome to the Holocron. Here you can see some cool art (but I'm no artist myself), read crossovers, fanfics, and original works. I'm 22 years old and I am a junior computer science major at NC A&T University. I enjoy reading, writing, and watching anime. Did I mention that I am a major game fan. I am even part of a AOL chatting circle called the Regs. Send me any stories or artwork to contribute to my page feel free to email them to me. My address is Oh yeah, there is no charge to have your work put on my page. And most importantly put your name on your stuff so I can give you due credit.

For helping me make my page my friend Sketch made me put up a link to his own page. Its a fan page dedicated to 2Pac. He also has some great No Limit material.

Now access the chambers of knowledge. Please remember to record your presence on my guestbook.

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