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Welcome to Hathor's Empire!

Hathor's Fanfiction Library- Updated 23/8/03
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Welcome to Hathor's Empire, last refuge for Hathor. We willingly take in lost travellers in need of a read, and maybe a little laugh or cry.

It is also a new and revamped website, based round Stargate SG-1, Farscape and Lord of the Rings. It contains my fanfiction around these three shows, my general ramblings, some information on the shows involved and so on.

So welcome traveller, to Hathor's Empire! However you got here, whether it was through a Stargate, Starburst or perhaps travelling with the Riders of Rohan, we invite you to sit down a while, pull up a seat, and get yourself a drink. And read for all your hearts desire!

I always appreciate feedback, so e-mail me, sign my guestbook- just tell me what you think. After all, how can I make it better if no one tells me about it?

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