Historical Timeline for The Society

Roughly 1000 BC

The Society was formed approx. three thousand years ago following a coalition between the Watchers and a team comprised of demon hunters. Following the successful completion of their joint mission it was agreed that a larger organization was required to keep the forces of darkness in check.

999-900 BC

The Watchers and the demon hunters scoured the globe, collecting agents and informants from each continent until a vast network is in place. Unfortunately many areas were left unprotected due to a lack of agents. Over fifty percent of the known world has teams in place.

875 BC

In an effort to control the network of agents the Dark Council is formed. Representatives from every order of the Society are called to take a place on sub councils, which elect one member to the Dark Council.

700 BC

Coordinating with the Watchers Council, the Society trains its first Master Slayer, Erik the Dark.

640 BC

The Sisters of Night join the sub-councils, recognizing magic users as members of the Society. Witches and Warlocks begin appearing on teams.

400 BC

A mass purge of demons is organized and for the first time since it was formed the entire Society gathers on one field. Two thousand and fifty six agents war against the major demon lord of the era, Garanis'al. He is defeated and his forces scattered or destroyed. Several smaller demon lords are also sent to the nether realms during this time period.

254 BC

Two members of the Dark Council are expelled and executed for crimes against humanity

003 AD

The Global Team system was implemented to allow one team to cover the area of five others. The system lacked the stability of the localized team and is not as efficient, thus the majority of the Society's teams are grounded in one area.

150 AD

The Dragons of the Isle of Mist sign the treaty of Edwards Crossing, giving the Society a base upon the Isle of Mist.

175 AD

The castle upon the Isle of Mist is completed. The Dark Council officially takes residence

177 AD

A stable doorway to the separate dimension containing the world known as Kel'ra is found upon the Isle of Mist. First contact is made with the inhabitants of Kel'ra and a tentative alliance is forged. It is at this time that study of demon dimensions begins in full, as well as studies of the side effects of dimension travel

242 AD

Psychics, a side effect of dimension travelling, begin to appear within the Society. The Order of the Mind is established as a sub-council and psychics given special rank in accordance to their talents.

298 AD

The treaty of Westmark is signed, allowing tested demons to enter the Society.

300 AD

The Knights Byzantium cease attending council sessions following the treaty of Westmark. It should be noted that the Knights were never removed from the Society, simply ignored as a small subsection.

412 AD

All demons are slain on the world of Kel'ra in one mass crusade. Kel'ra declared a haven for members of the Society who are injured and in need of rest.

440 AD

Dimension travel is declared dangerous and is tested only with the highest care

600 AD

A minor meteorite strikes the earth and the metals within allow for the making of the first soul destroying weapons. Ten blades are forged and locked deep within the dragon caves upon the Isle of Mist.

632 AD

A minor demon dimension breaks through into central Europe and a three year war is fought to contain the demons once more.

768 AD

The soul killing blades are declared too dangerous and all but two are cast into a dimensional rift

983 AD

Various Kings or government officials are drafted onto a special sub council to ensure cooperation with the society and it's agents

1000 AD

All hell literally breaks loose for 24 hours and half the society is wiped out in the ensuing battles

1002 AD

Military units are drafted into the society and trained to fight demons for the first time

1015 AD

Plans for bases at key points of the world are drawn up and contractors hired

1100 AD

The Artic facility is finished

1110 AD

A separate facility for the Watchers Council is finished in England

1132 AD

The Watchers Council declares itself independent from the Society

1150 AD

The Watchers are brought back into the Society but given more freedom and complete control over the slayer and vampire related matters

1200 AD

The Argent Accord is signed

1240 AD

Society members gather once more to select a new Master Slayer as the previous one passes without leaving an heir

1300 AD

A mental plague wipes out half the psychic corps